You should consider two aspects when you wear your eyeglasses. One, you must check the technical factors that go along with having the right type of eyeglasses that fit you. This means that you should select the perfect set of eyewear that have dimensions that align with what you need. Another aspect that you should consider is style. You should pick the right style that you prefer. A pair of browline glasses may be something that you are looking for while others may be searching for cat-eye glasses. If you want to learn more about how to wear your glasses, read more to find out.

How To Rightly Wear Your Eyeglasses?

When you are in search of a new set of eyeglasses, you must understand that there is a technical aspect and a fashion aspect to them. The first one mainly identifies the factors that will determine the way the glasses rest on the face. The second aspect refers to the style that you choose for your eyeglasses based on your facial features.

How Should Glasses Rest on Your Face?

The distance between your pupils

You have to note that the eyes, particularly the pupils, do not have the same distance among all people. Eyes have all shapes, sizes, and distances. And this characteristic is good because these differences make people unique and special. Having said that, you must make sure that the lenses of your eyeglasses should center your eyes. You will see this immediately once you wear your glasses. Choose a pair of eyeglasses that have your pupils right in the center of the lenses.

The size of the bridge

Another part of the eyeglasses that you should look at is the bridge. People’s noses are also distinct. Some eyeglasses rest on someone’s nose better than others. Your eyeglasses should lie flush on your nose so that the distance between the lenses looks great when you wear your eyewear.

The height of the lens

You must also consider the height of the lens. There are oversized eyeglasses and there are small lenses. You should choose the ones that fit you perfectly.

What Style Should You Pick?


Another aspect of eyewear that you should consider is the aesthetic of the product. What design suits you best? In this regard, you can only determine it once you try to wear them. The browline glasses are a classic style that most people often choose. This is because these kinds of glasses highlight the eyes and create a perfect balance on the face. There are many other styles available. You just have to choose which ones suit your frame.


Another key characteristic that you should take note of is the shape of the eyeglasses. Rectangular and square eyeglasses often look great on people with round and oval faces. On the other hand, round and oval frames fit those who have square jaws and prominent angles on the face.


These two determining factors on how to wear your eyeglasses will greatly help you in your next search for a pair of eyewear. You have to keep in mind that eyeglasses are items that you will wear for a long time. If you have prescription glasses, you know that your glasses will rest above your nose for months or even years. If you are going to wear them for styling reasons like browline glasses, you are also going to be using them for long periods. Be sure to take note of the tips stated above to make a wise choice in selecting the right eyeglasses for your needs.