Features are the main factors that contribute to making your app successful. Your app should not simply be another one that can be found in the Google Play Store or the App Store; rather, its features are the primary aspects that contribute to making it one of the most successful applications that have ever been created. Because of this, it is very important to make sure that your app has the right features when you are building it. Our primary goal at nandbox is to figure out how to make our application builder’s capabilities more modern, streamlined, and user-friendly. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most important aspects of our app builder, which is the ability to create and join chat groups.

Chat Groups: What Are They and How to Add Them to Your App

Up to 50,000 people can join your app’s chat group and enjoy nandbox’s excellent features like voice memos, multimedia file sharing, and video streaming. The number of chat groups you can create in your app is unlimited.

Group chats can be created for both businesses and individuals. Each group chat can be personalized with a name, display picture, description, and category classification. The admin of the group chat can change these details at any time.

You can make your chat group public or private. If you want to allow anyone to join the group and have members invite other users to join, a public group is the best option, whereas, in a private group, only the chat admin will be able to invite new members to join, with the option to choose the group admins for each group.

There are three modules included:

1.) Groups: Displays the list of all groups that are available on the app.

2.) My Groups: Show the groups that the user has joined.

3.) Chat Group: Opens a chat group where members of the group can interact with each other.

How to Install Chat Groups to Your App Using nandbox

It’s easier than you think. The chat groups feature is a simple feature that you could add to your app through nandbox’s fast and effective drag-and-drop method of addition.

You can install the Chat Group module in your app in the following places:

  • App’s Home Menu
  • App’s Side Menu

The chat groups module can be found in the “Social” category and can be duplicated in several sections of your app. With nandbox, your capabilities are unlimited. The Chat Groups module includes 67 features by default. Some of these features are:

  • Chat
  • View profile picture
  • Last seen
  • Video trimming
  • Edit messages
  • Invitational QR codes
  • Ban users
  • Location sharing

Advantages of Chat Groups

Group chat helps your team’s agility in several ways that are interconnected:

Fewer meetings are needed because: many decisions that used to have to be made in person can now be made remotely through group chat. That could save effort, time, and money.

Traditional forms of corporate communication, such as email and teleconferencing, may suppress the natural back-and-forth of a constructive discussion. Group chat encourages people to work together and share information, which can improve the quality of the data provided.

In case of an emergency at work: If you work in a field that changes a lot, you may have to send important information in real time. Group chat makes it easier for your team to share information and plan how to act.

Applications That Use the Chat Groups Feature

If you install any communication app, you’re most likely to create a chat group and add your friends or teammates to it. It is an easy way of communicating and reaching out to people without having to talk to only one person in private or call them. This module is best used in a communication application. Some of the great applications that use this feature are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WeChat. You can join these great applications by building your own communication app and by developing an amazing chat group feature using nandbox’s app builder.

How nandbox Can Help You

Using its no-code app builder, nandbox can assist you in creating a powerful, professional, and fully functional communication app. Our experts have made sure that our templates are perfect, and you can use our drag-and-drop method to change the template for your favorite communication app. You can also check out our documentation to learn more about how to add the feature to your app. Allow your users to have the full chat group experience by adding this feature to your app.

How to Activate the Feature in the nandbox App Builder

Here are some steps to follow for the chat groups feature activation:

  1. From the side menu, click chat groups.
  2. You can create a new group by clicking Create, A window will appear where you can enter your group name and description.
  3. After you create the group, you can hover over it and click on the edit button to configure it, You can enter the group image, group name, and description in the first section.
  4. You can decide if you want to add search filters to your chat groups or not.
  5. Set up your group splash screen, and design it as you wish using nandbox’s app builder’s design options.

Each of the steps above has its own settings, and you can also change the settings of your features to suit your needs by moving your mouse over the settings icon and choosing the options you want.

Wrapping it up for you

With Nandbox App Builder’s multimedia chat features, you can share videos, pictures, and audio messages. This makes it possible to make group conversations more interesting and fun. These features can be used for either personal or professional purposes. Additionally, you can also design customized chatbots for your users with the help of nandbox App Builder. These chatbots will be able to communicate with your users and provide them with useful information. If you use these bots, you will be able to automate a wide range of customer service tasks and make sure that your customers get the answers they need quickly and effectively.