To combat the widespread problem of sexual harassment in the workplace, the #MeToo movement has been tremendously successful. Furthermore, many firms and enterprises mandate sexual harassment training for managers and supervisors of 50 or more employees. Progress has been made, but sexual harassment is still pervasive from the corporate boardroom to the bustling kitchens of five-star restaurants.

Sexual bribery is a sort of workplace sexual harassment in which an employer, supervisor, or coworker promises a benefit such as a promotion or pay raise in exchange for sexual favours or behaviour. Workplace trauma might result from this, especially if the employee feels helpless.

An employee may experience astonishment, anger, confusion, and distress in the aftermath of any unwanted sexual advance made toward them on the job. The trauma of sexual bribery stems from the message it conveys to the victim that their future success in the workplace is tied to their willingness to engage in sexual activity in exchange for monetary or other benefits. This type of situation is also known as “sexual harassment for favours.” To learn more about your rights, visit this page.

Exactly what kinds of sexual bribery have you seen before?

You may have grounds to file a sexual harassment claim if your employer, supervisor, or anybody in a position of power gives you a promotion, pay raise, good performance review, or any other sort of special treatment at work in exchange for sexual favours.

Here is an instance of sexually explicit implicit bribery:

  • The web designer’s supervisor at the advertising firm gently pats her thigh and asks if she would be interested in a permanent position. Touching her thigh while inquiring if she’d be interested in the task suggests, however, that the inappropriate physical contact is the reason he’s offering her the job.
  • Explicit sexual bribery stands out more than others, making it simpler to detect and prove. One such instance of sexual bribery is given below.

An accountant has been working for her current employer for over a year and wants to know if she may get a raise. Her boss tells her that if she kisses him, he will give her a pay boost. This is an obvious case of sexual bribery, as the supervisor has instructed the accountant to kiss her before she would even be considered for a raise.