Emerald belongs to the beryl stones. Gemstone emerald is found really rare so it is one of the most valuable gems. The price of an emerald depends mainly on the saturation of the green color and brightness of the crystal. The transparency of the stone plays an important role in its price. Unlike diamonds, the various inclusions do not make gemstone emerald less valuable. On the contrary, these inclusions give you a hint the stone is real.

Good emerald precious stones are found really rare, therefore it is one of the most expensive gems. It has always contended with the diamond for the top position in the gemstones hierarchy. Interestingly, but even high-quality pure emerald stone can be cheaper than diamonds. Some pure emerald stones can be valued at 5,000$- 6,000$ per carat.

Gemstone emeralds of Colombian origin are considered the best. The so-called “emerald mafia” is widely known in Colombia and controls all the market there, so most Colombian stones are exported illegally. Most of the gemstone emeralds are mined in South America, most in Brazil. Brazilian emeralds usually have a light color and look a little bit dull. Emerald precious stones from Zambia are also very valuable on the market. A special category of emeralds is the unique Ural stones, which are mined in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Ural emeralds are famous for the large size of their crystals, therefore they are also valuable. Emeralds are mined in many countries and continents which include Africa, India, Mozambique, the USA, Ukraine, and many others.

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