Students whose name has been directly or indirectly involved in a Title IX violation case need expert advice and guidance from someone who possesses detailed knowledge about all the legal proceedings and is legally eligible to present a good defense against all the accusations made against the student. If a student is associated with felony or misdemeanor charges, continuing studies might become a challenging task for them, interrupting their academic plans after graduation. Help from a California Title IX attorney will assist one throughout the court hearings and ensure one’s right to education is not seized. Here are points determining why it is essential to consult a student defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Ensuring That One Receives Due Process And Fair Justice:

The cases encompassing Title IX violations possess several federal guidelines which an attorney would know well and assist in protecting the due process rights of the accused student. Moreover, an attorney will also ensure that the judgment is fair and that the student doesn’t suffer huge academic losses. Without a strong defense throughout the investigation or hearing, one will be unable to ascertain the protection of all the rights.

Carrying Out Cross Examinations:

To test the credibility of the witness, cross-examination can be extremely helpful. Cross-examinations allow both parties to question the witness and judge whether one is credible enough for a witness. An attorney would ensure that no questions were being asked about any past complaint of sexual assault and that the questions would only carry relevance to the case.

Collecting Appropriate Evidence:

Noting the statements of the witnesses and collecting the relevant evidence would be impossible without the assistance of an attorney. One will also get help from an attorney for preparing for the interview and the opening statement so that all these legal procedures don’t stress out the accused.

Support For Criminal Charges Defences:

Title IX accusations often carry felony charges or charges of a misdemeanor. These require attorneys with prior experience in criminal defense hearings so that help can be provided in upholding a good defense or lowering the severity of the punishment.

Securing The Reputation Of The Accused:

A damaged reputation through the online circulation of the content about the accused can severely affect the student’s future. An attorney will take the necessary steps to remove all the relevant content.

Final Thoughts:

Postponement or delay in hiring a student defense lawyer might impose serious implications on the student’s academic career. Therefore it would be best to contact an attorney from the very first.