Truck accidents in California are infrequent, and nobody plans to be in one. Still, events of this sort do occur, and they frequently have severe outcomes. You or a loved one needs to learn more about truck accidents and what to do if you are ever involved in one in California. Victims of truck accidents in California who suffer injuries may seek compensation with the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Reasons For Truck Wrecks

To prove damages, it is necessary to establish fault for the accident. The injured party who sues the truck driver must prove the driver was negligent in order to receive compensation. According to the law, the truck driver was negligent if his or her actions were likely to injure another person. Anyone with a modicum of common sense would have known better and prevented the harmful actions. California’s high truck accident rate is due to a wide variety of factors. 

Common explanations include:

Complications Associated with Vehicle Upkeep

Every car needs routine service in order to run smoothly. And this is especially true of big rigs, which might have tens of thousands of kilometres on them. Accidents can occur when trucking companies don’t keep their vehicles in safe working condition.

Vehicle upkeep falls on the trucking company. Unfortunately, some businesses choose to take shortcuts in order to save money, and this sometimes results in poorly maintained trucks. Trucks that haven’t been properly maintained may contain hazards like worn-out tyres and malfunctioning brakes that might cause accidents.

Maintenance problems in a truck typically indicate negligence. The “object speaks for itself,” or the principle of Res Ipsa Loquitur can be used to demonstrate that a truck has been poorly maintained.

Instable Weather, Dangerous Roads

Danger lurks on the freeways of California. Variables that contribute to accidents include inadequate road maintenance, a lack of signs, and other factors.

Accident Caused by Driver Error

Everybody makes mistakes, including truck drivers. The results of truck drivers’ errors, unfortunately, are often disastrous. Many truck drivers make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while they’re sleepy, high, or otherwise impaired.

Tiredness Behind the Wheel

Deadlines are often crucial for truck drivers. Some drivers will forgo sleep or use stimulants to stay awake in order to meet these deadlines. It’s possible that this could lead to driver weariness, which is equally as risky as driving while intoxicated.