Propane gas finds extensive use in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Popularly known as LPG, this gas serves as a versatile source of energy. Well, you would find this gas everywhere, ranging from BBQs to hot showers, and home heating to fueling the cars. In the industrial sector, it serves as a fuel for fleet vehicles, forklifts, and farm engines. The reputed propane gas suppliers deliver the fuel to the respective location once you contact them.

In this post, we are going to explore the different uses of propane.

How is propane used for different purposes?

 Let’s explore all the common domains where propane gas finds its use.

  1. Residential uses of propane

At home, you can use propane for preserving food, heating water, and even cooking. Many households use the gas for BBQ grilling and lighting their homes. The appliances running on propane are more efficient. Besides, you have a reliable source of energy even when you have power outages at your home. Running propane appliance does not call for electricity. This way, you can have an efficient energy source for residential purposes.

  1. Commercial uses of propane

In commercial establishments, the use of propane is extensive. The appliances used in industries are much larger, and they need more fuel to operate. To carry out daily operations with industrial equipment like forklifts, fleet vehicles, and irrigation pumps, propane gas finds its application. As a source of energy, propane is clean and reliable. Therefore, it finds its use in fueling vehicles. Petrochemical industries use propane in the manufacturing of plastic. Refrigerator manufacturers also use propane as a refrigerant.

  1. Recreational uses of propane

As a fuel, propane is clean-burning, portable, and affordable. This makes it ideal for recreational uses. For instance, it can efficiently power gas grills. People also use propane to run generators, outdoor lights, space heaters, and other portable appliances for recreational purposes. If you love to engage yourself in outdoor activities, you can reach out to one of the reputed propane delivery companies. This way, you can have a consistent supply of this versatile fuel to use for your respective purposes.

  1. Propane as a fuel for vehicles

People looking for a clean and economic alternative to car fuel can go for propane. Currently, more than 350,000 vehicles are operating on propane in the US. So, it has already made its way into the industry as a fuel for vehicles. In the industrial sector, propane has long been used to power equipment like forklifts. Since the fuel burns clean, it can help in cutting down the pollution levels. In the US, it is also being used to run commercial vehicles.

Other industrial uses of propane you should

Melting metals

Propane gas burns at a high temperature, around 1980 °C. This makes it ideal for industrial uses like melting metals. So, you would find industrial use of propane in furnaces for melting bronze, aluminum, monel, brass, and other metals. Besides, it is also used to melt gold, silver, and other metals to make jewelry.

Printing press applications

Printing press applications involve the use of propane gas. When printing is carried out on a large scale, the ink needs to dry fast when they are jetted on paper. To ensure a fast-drying process, the printing companies deploy heated propane gas. This way, it helps in drying ink on cellophane, paper, glassine, and aluminum foils. Besides, it can help in burning printing rolls.

Agricultural applications

Presently, farmers are using propane in agricultural applications such as flame weeding, crop drying, and running irrigation pumps. You also have appliances like corn dryers, hay dryers, soybean dryers, tobacco dryers, and peanut dryers on the market.

Evidently, propane has several uses in both the industrial and residential sectors. Depending on your requirement, you can reach out to a reputed propane gas supplier for timely delivery of the gas.