Many novice dog breeders are wondering how to care for a French Bulldog because this breed is not like other varieties. Infections and illnesses can be prevented by timely contacting the animal clinic, but here’s how to prolong the existence of this animal. And hygiene, proper nutrition, and moderate exercise are only part of the right content. Procedures that the owner of the Blue french bulldog should carry out daily:

  •  examine the eyes;
  •  control the purity of the water in the bowl;
  • walk the animal twice a day;
  •  comb his coat regularly.

The diet should be appropriate for the age of the dog. For the first 3 months of their lives, puppies are in a stage of accelerated growth. It is at this time that the foundation for the health of a mature dog is laid. Meals during this period should be frequent and plentiful.

A newborn puppy is fed by the mother. If this is not possible, then for his survival, you should purchase veterinary formula and feed him according to the recommendations of the doctor. To do this, you need a special nipple and a small bottle.

Small puppies from 2 months old should be fed 4 times a day. Food should be rich in calcium. As breakfast, the French Bulldog should be given kefir, low-fat cottage cheese.

For lunch, the dog is served stewed vegetables. Porridge can also become a source of carbohydrates. Grind buckwheat, pearl barley, oatmeal, or rice in a coffee grinder.

For dinner, small puppies are supposed to be fed with finely chopped meat (lamb or beef). There should be no fat in it, so minced meat is not suitable for puppies.

After three months, puppies should increase their food intake. From this point on, more meat and cereals can be introduced into the diet, gradually adding raw vegetables and fruits. Your dog should always have clean, fresh water in the bowl.