Commercial truck owners prioritize the maintenance and servicing of their vehicles at the right intervals. Your truck would be carrying heavy loads throughout the year over long distances. This implies that they require frequent servicing, as compared to traditional trucks. The reputed trucking companies recommend owners to follow up the routine maintenance for their vehicles.

During these routine services, experienced mechanics inspect the vehicles for possible issues and do the needful. Accordingly, you need to get some parts replaced or a few repairs done.

When should you get your truck serviced?

The frequency at which you need to get your truck serviced depends on several factors. The established truck maintenance companies recommend considering the following elements.

  1. Mileage

At 15K miles, you need to get a basic servicing done for your truck. This would involve checking the brake and light functionality, as well as refilling the fluids. At 30K miles, you need to get a complete servicing done. This would include the basics like filter changes, conducting safety checks, oil changes, and other aspects. Besides, the mechanics would inspect your truck for possible wear and tear of the parts before they aggravate to major issues.

Experienced truck maintenance experts recommend scheduling a thorough checkup at 125K miles. This ensures a substantial inspection of the vehicle.

  1. Truck application

The way you use your commercial truck largely determines the frequency of servicing and maintenance. For instance, if you are using your truck to carry heavy loads over long distances, it would need more frequent servicing. The reason is, the mechanical parts would come under stress in such conditions. Besides, larger trucks need more frequent servicing for their brakes.

  1. Location and season

During the harsher months, commercial trucks come under stress. Before this season, it would be wise to service your truck at a reputed truck center. Particularly, you need to get winter tires for the vehicle before the colder months kick in. Besides, the experts would inspect the air system, test the batteries and coolant level, and inspect the engine block heaters for their performance.

 Why is timely truck maintenance essential?

Commercial trucks need timely maintenance to ensure that the vehicles last for the expected lifespan. Through preventive truck maintenance at a reputed company, you can prevent premature breakdown and malfunctions.

So, when you visit the truck center for the scheduled maintenance, the experts would address the following:

  • Change lubricant and oil
  • Change fuel and oil filter
  • Repairing any issues that keep the pollution level low
  • Inspect the brakes
  • Inflate the tires
  • Inspection of steering and alignment
  • Electrical and lighting inspection

Benefits of servicing your vehicle at a reputed truck center

Reputed truck centers have seasoned technicians working with them. With their experience and professional skills, they can detect possible flaws in your vehicle. This way, you can keep them in proper functional conditions.

  • Fulfill pollution guidelines: Violating the recommended pollution levels can invite hefty fines for your vehicle. Getting your truck serviced at a reputed center ensures that the experts would take care of these issues.
  • Prevent expensive repairs: Systematic and timely maintenance of your truck would prevent premature breakdowns, which can be expensive. Therefore, you need not shell out your money for emergency assistance by the roadside.
  • Increase the truck’s lifeline: Most importantly, you can prolong the lifeline of your truck by inspecting it on time. It would also keep the operational costs low, while you would benefit from better mileage.
  • Safety: Safety matters for the drivers, traffic on the roads, and the shipments you are transporting. Timely servicing and maintenance ensure proper safety conditions for your truck.

 The professionals at established trucking companies check the important components for their functionality and working capabilities during these inspections. It would be wise to seek professional services from one of the established trucking companies.