Want to install a new beer tap at your bar, but do not know what is better: ceramic or wooden tap handles?  Both of these options can make your bar counter stand out among other establishments.

So if you want to capture new drinkers and help regular customers clearly identify your brand, you just need to decide which material to choose for beer tap handle manufacturing.

For more details keep reading our article.

wooden tap handles

Wooden Beer Tap Handles Pros and Cons

Wooden tap handles are high quality products that will satisfy the needs of almost every bar or restaurant owner. They feature the optimal ratio of affordable price and superior quality.

Let’s start with the pros:

  1. Fully natural material;
  2. Possibility to choose the desired wood type: alder, ash-tree, etc. ;
  3. Various customization options: different lengths, sizes, and colors, as well as the possibility to manufacture tailored products;
  4. High durability;
  5. Vintage style.

And now to the cons:

  • Although wood is a quite durable material, it needs some care;
  • It can be broken by mechanical impacts.

Ceramic Beer Tap Handles Pros and Cons

Ceramic tap handles are a great alternative to wooden ones. They emphasize the atmosphere of the establishment, as well as make it even more stylish and interesting for potential customers.


  1. More durable, customizable, and easier to use than wooden models;
  2. Large selection of shapes: oval, elongated, paddle-shaped, etc.
  3. Possibility to place the logo on a square or round plate.

There are also some disadvantages as well:

  • Although ceramics are often more durable than wood, it can also be broken;
  • The choice of shapes and colors (white, black, various shades of marble) is not as extensive as with wooden designs;
  • Limited placing for a brand name or logo.

Summing up, both of these options are easy to operate and eye catching,

stimulating the interest of regular and new customers to try beverages from your range.

The main thing is to buy quality ceramic or wooden tap handles, which will serve you for a long time.

To do this, just visit the Xpress Tap Handles site. Here you will find popular models and unique custom products, high quality raw materials, and affordable prices, so you can make your bar the one you always dreamed of!