Today, not only PC users but also owners of devices running on different mobile platforms, such as Android, employ VPN technology to get around geographical limitations. A free VPN for android is a practical answer in many circumstances. A VPN can be used, for instance, to establish a business network, access prohibited websites, or connect to the Internet.

Every day, you must access many Internet resources. These are websites for amusement, educational resources, and working environments. However, access to some Internet resources is restricted for some nations owing to flexible provider and hosting settings. Planet VPN can help in these situations. However, after utilizing it, a new issue appears—you cannot get your real address back. We’ll explain how to stop using VPN on Android.

Why turn off VPN on Android?

There are several justifications for disabling a VPN. For instance, a VPN cannot be used to access some state or municipal resources since they are only accessible within the nation. Additionally, the addition of the mode results in increased latency and heavy traffic use.

How to do it?

In fact, to turn off a virtual private network, you need to figure out at what level it is turned on. For each case a separate solution.

  1. Application settings. Click the symbol in the screen’s center after starting the application. Sometimes labels like “Connected” or other symbols are present next to the desired button. Make sure you visit the main menu to locate the button if it is not there on the start page. After pushing, the connection will be cut off in some way.
  2. Removing applications. The uninstallation of a VPN-related application is a support strategy for the first technique that is sometimes necessary. Any connection can therefore be turned off. Restart your smartphone after deleting such software to get rid of any potential issues.