Hand-tied extensions are one of the most popular and safe extension techniques for your customers.

The hair stylist, who masters this method, will always have a stable flow of clients: not every stylist is able to work properly with hand-tied wefts.

Keep reading to know how to fix hair extensions properly and how much time this beauty procedure takes.

Hand-tied Extensions Step by Step Applying Guide

Before we move on to all the nuances of this extension technique, let’s figure out why you should add it to your list of services:

  • The comfort your customers deserve

If previously you have made extensions using large tapes or bonds, then you probably often heard from clients that this method of strands fixation brings them some discomfort.

In the case of wefts, the strands are attached to a thin braid, which is not felt in wearing.

  • Wearing time

If you learn to properly care for your hair extensions, do regular maintenance and use high-quality dyed or virgin Slavic hair, then such a hairstyle can be worn for up to 9 months.

  • Natural look

Large bonds or tapes are not only felt in wearing but are also quite noticeable in the hairstyle.

Therefore, if you want to make as unnoticeable extensions as possible – hand-tied extensions are exactly what you need!

  • Health safety

Being a hairstylist you definitely know that bonds are fixed with the help of special hot irons. High temperatures can damage the natural strands.

In turn, wefts are attached with a braid, which eliminates hair damage from high temperatures.

  • Say «no» to length loss

Unlike other extension methods, you will not lose a single centimeter of hair length during reapplication procedures. Because the stylist carefully unbraids and then rebraids hair. While such techniques as tapes and fusions use a little bit of hair length to fix a bond or a tape.

And now let’s move on to the most interesting: how to do such an extension:

  • Tie a thin, almost invisible braid.
  • Next, sew into this braid a pre-made hand-tied weft.
  • During the reapplication procedure, you must first remove this weft, then unbraid hair and rebraid again. Then sew the weft back into a new braid.

On average, this beauty procedure takes at least an hour and a half. If you plan to attach a large amount of hair, this will increase the time of the procedure.

To be absolutely satisfied with your hand-tied extensions, always choose high-quality hair.

We recommend I Love Slavic Hair.

The site of this company presents a large selection of quality materials that are thoroughly processed without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Such hair will surely please you as a stylist and delight those customers who dreamed of making their hairstyle even more beautiful