Are you planning to do lash extensions and do not know what will suit you best: volume or classic eyelash extensions?

We will help you to understand what technique is worth choosing, as well as where to order quality raw materials for this beauty treatment.

Classic Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

Classic eyelash extensions is one of the most popular techniques that suits almost all clients, as it looks as natural and delicate as possible.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Natural look. If you don’t want the extensions to be very noticeable, then this option is for you!
  • The eyes will become more expressive and deep, while the eyelashes will be just a little longer than natural.
  • In this case, the lash technician works according to the method of 1:1. When one artificial eyelash is fixed to one natural eyelash. Since the lash stylist uses little material, you should not worry that heavy weight will somehow damage your eyelashes.

Despite the many advantages, this technique has its cons:

  • It can be unnoticeable on hooded eyes. In this case, we recommend choosing a different type of curve.
  • Not suitable for those who dream of an expressive everyday look.

Volume Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

Volume extensions are in great demand among those who prefer thick, long and expressive lashes.

The main advantages of this technique:

  • Any thickness, length, and curve is available to you!
  • Choosing this method, you can create a bright and unforgettable image that will look good at any event: wedding, party, photoshoot, etc.

But there are also cons:

  • The material to eyelash ratio can be 1:3 or even 1:5. Therefore, this extension technique is not suitable for weakened and thin eyelashes.
  • Volume is somewhat more difficult to fit into a casual look or work dress code.

Whatever you choose, it’s a matter of your taste.

The main thing is to choose quality material for volume and classic eyelash extensions.

It should be:

  1. Light – do not weigh down natural eyelashes and do not weaken their roots, provoking fall out.
  2. Comfortable to wear – with them you will be able to live your usual life and at the same time do not spend a lot of time on makeup. Now you will always enjoy your beautiful look in the mirror!
  3. Made from hypoallergenic raw materials that won’t harm your health.

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