John Guest has a reputation as a world leader in the production of quick-release fittings and produces more than 100 million fittings per year for a wide variety of applications. In john guest fittings the tube is simply inserted and locked without requiring additional liners and nuts. For dismantling, it is necessary to press a clamp and get a tubule. A snap ring is inserted into the latch, protecting it from accidental pressing.

John Guest Fitting

John Guest quick-release connections are quick and easy to disassemble, which simplifies installation, and reduces the time to install and maintain reverse osmosis systems. A complex piping system is assembled much faster when using quick couplings than with conventional methods because John Guest fittings are easily connected and disconnected.

Main advantages:

  • Fittings suitable for inert gases, liquids, and vacuum;
  • Very fast connection and assembly process;
  • Suitable for use with soft metal, stainless and plastic tubing;
  • No tools required for assembly;
  • Fast disassembly process;
  • Reusable fittings;
  • Large selection of types and sizes;
  • High flow characteristics;
  • Collet rings prevent tubes from popping out and allow color marking;
  • Fittings are made of materials suitable for the food industry.

What Size Are John Guest Fittings?

The John Guest product range includes over 3,000 pipe and fitting items. Therefore, before thinking about which fitting to buy, immediately determine its main characteristic – the connecting size.

There are three options:

  1. 1/4 inch
  2. 1/2 inch
  3. 3/8 inch.

And if you do not choose this element correctly, you simply will not be able to install it. The generally accepted unit of measurement for the diameter of a connection, both in the field of water treatment and among plumbing connections, is an inch.

What Size John Guest Fitting Do I Need?

If you need reliable fittings, study the range and choose the product that suits you. To buy the necessary connections for water purification filters, you need to carefully study the type and diameter of the connection, and only then pay attention to the cost and manufacturer of the fittings. And if you don’t know which fittings to buy, you can consult with professionals, they will help you choose the best solution.