Imagine being able to save thousands of dollars by hiring instead of buying, yes some might even jump towards the fact that by buying we possibly save in the long run. This could be true for property, or land, but items of wear and tear, it becomes questionable and for items of heavy use such as heavy industry equipment where the level of wear and tear is high, buying and using these expensive equipment is not really a good idea. Why pay thousands of dollars when the use of the machines over a period of time may only cost hundred which allow higher profits to be established for every single project. Why wrestle with elements of maintenance, and what will the company do when their machines are out on repairs? Rent, buy another? Or delay the project? All this can be avoided by hiring a mini excavator for instance at a rate of 230 AUD a day or by hiring a Mini excavator for as low as $230 Per Day and weekly rates: including GST are even lower. Construction outfits may be able to use a state of the art machine such as our Mini excavator range which comes with low noise (sound dampening canopy for the engine) and an ergonomic user friendly control panel that allows even a novice to handle them like a pro for as low as $150 a day!

Construction equipment suppliers such as Scoop Hire have a wide variety of machines that they offer for hire and this includes equipment such as Kubota mini excavators ranging from the little versatile Kubota 1.7 T excavator which is superb for working on home improvement projects right up to the Kubota 2.5 T mini excavator which also for hire. Scoop Hire even offers the U25-3S excavator starting from only $200 per/ day with some bigger models touching an approximate $350 per day and these rates go lower when equipment are hired for longer periods (weekly rates or monthly rates). Once a consistent partnership is established, construction companies may be rest assured that in due time daily rates or long term rates will be open for negotiations and reductions which will further add to the company’s competitive advantage.

Even large companies managing large scale projects are known to secure services from companies such as Scoop Hire due to the cost elements that come with heavy duty construction machines. For instance the Kubota 3.5 T excavator which not just versatile, but also practical due to the various auger attachments that it is capable of accommodating is frequently hired by large companies. Smaller companies managing smaller projects could similarly grow their capital levels through such hires as it will be a strategic cost effective manoeuvre compared to buying them and add to the construction company’s competitive advantage.  Other products that Scoop Hire also provides on hire include 2.4m x 1.2m x 12mm ground mats (for landscaping jobs), rubber tracked excavators, hydraulic jackets, delivery and pick-up services and much more. For more just visit or give us a ring @ (03) 9052 4473.