Let’s start with the definition of SEO promotion.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which denotes a complex of actions (including technical ones) on a web resource to improve its ranking in the relevant keywords and key phrases to improve the organic traffic coming onto a website.

SEO promotion consists of several stages, which we list below:

  • Stage. Analyzing a project and correcting mistakes

The technical analysis that would show possible mistakes is one of the most essential stages to receiving comprehensible results in SEO promotion. One cannot count on a full-fledged result in the search ranking without the elimination of the mistakes found during the project analysis.

  • Stage. Gathering a semantic core

A semantic core is a notion for the batch of keywords and key phrases, which your potential customers enter into the Google search field to look for a relevant product or service that your website contains. This is one of the ultra-important stages as, based on the properly gathered keywords and key phrases, the future internal optimization of a website is made.

  • Stage. Internal optimization

These works are aimed at the creation of the relevance among the clusters of keywords and key phrases in the semantic core and separation of pages of the website that’s being promoted. Here, every specific cluster of keywords and key phrases must lead to a specific web page of a website. And if a website currently does not have a specific page that would bring a visitor to a specific category of products or services, then such a web page must be created.

  • Stage. External optimization

These works are aimed at the maximal increase of the number of third-party websites (including for money), which would link back to the website that is being promoted on Google. As Google “thinks”, a web resource, which has many links from authoritative and high-quality websites, is important for visitors. Hence, Google “thinks” that such a website is interesting to users and gives it a priority in the displaying compared to other websites. Thus, the keywords and key phrases gathered into a semantic core are moved towards the top 10 of the search results. This type of work is very important for SEO promotion and plays a key role in receiving the results.

  • Stage. Constant monitoring of the dynamics

When SEO specialists work on the improvement of the visibility of a website in Google search results, they cannot work without special programs and systems (that would include paid and free of charge ones) to track and analyze the results. These results provide a huge layer of data, based on which further actions and work are planned.


If you stick with the fundamental rules of SEO promotion – studio-up.com.ua, that we describe above and use the experience of SEO specialists, you can get a positive result in the search ranking of your web project more likely. But you have to understand that SEO promotion is not an exact science because it has many unknown variables (first of all, Google algorithms). And the higher is the experience of a professional who makes this work for you, the higher the success chances are.