Window frame painting is a great opportunity to renew old windows or customize them to enhance the features of the exterior. All you have to do is find a reliable contractor who knows all the nuances of painting and works with quality dye.

Read in our article, when and how often to do this procedure, as well as how much these services cost.

How Much Does Window Painting Cost in Ontario?

How Often Should Windows Be Painted?

You should consider painting the window frame in case its colors have faded, burned out in the sun, or if the paint has peeled off.

Once done, the windows will look like new for a long time – 10+ years. After that you will need to replace the old window structures with new ones.

Of course, you can’t help but wonder: maybe it is better not to paint, but to replace the windows? This is almost always a good idea. However, in some cases we recommend to postpone the replacement and just paint them:

  1. Costs much less than window replacement. However, you should keep in mind that even the best paint will not cover the frame as perfectly as the original paint did.
  2. Painting takes less time than the installation of new window structures.
  3. You should not have to worry about damaging fresh repair, which can happen while a more complex window replacement process.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Exterior Windows in Ontario?

The cost is affected by several factors:

  • Color

The most popular option is white. Many homeowners also paint their window frames in black or other accent shades: red, blue, brown, etc.

  • Glass number

In addition to the outer frame, it is necessary to paint the seals between all the glasses, which also affects the cost.

  • Current state of structures

The better it is, the cheaper the contractor’s services will cost. If the frame is in bad condition, the worker will have to perform restoration works before painting. Accordingly, the final check will be more expensive.

  • Size

The bigger the frame, the more expensive it will cost to paint it.

  • Location

If the contractor has to work up high, it will also affect your bill.

As a rule, it takes 1 hour to perform this work. The average cost of such services is $200 per section.

Do you know who to entrust window frame painting to in Ontario?

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