As a laundromat owner, one of the main factors you consider is the equipment your business use. How will you be able to operate without high-quality equipment?

So, whether you just bought or put up a laundromat or operate one now, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth purchasing new or used equipment. On the plus side, new laundry equipment will require fewer repairs and replacement of alliance laundry parts. However, used laundry equipment will have you save more money.

Which is better? Here are things to consider.


Purchasing New Commercial Laundry Equipment

Purchasing new equipment is actually much easier compared to used. You’ll be able to check out the equipment in industry trade shows or visit distributor’s showrooms in person before purchasing it.

That way, you get to inspect the machines, learn how they operate, and weigh the pros and cons before investing in them. You can’t always do the same with used laundry equipment, as you’ll most likely need to rely on photos and online descriptions from sellers who may not even be trustworthy.

Besides that, new laundry equipment would have warranties, so you won’t have to worry about machines breaking down if they even do. Used equipment most likely won’t have any more warranties, and repair costs would have to come out of pocket. Repair and replacement of laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts won’t only have you spend more money but also time and potential customers.

Lastly, purchasing new equipment won’t have you think of its history. You already know the equipment’s history since it’s brand new and never used, without any significant issues.


Purchasing Used Laundry Equipment

While it sounds like buying used has so many disadvantages, you’ll be surprised that it’s also a practical option for many laundromat owners! Here are the advantages of purchasing used commercial laundry equipment.

You get to save money. It comes as no surprise that purchasing refurbished laundry equipment comes with significant savings. New laundry equipment would depreciate the moment you are buying it, which is why laundromat owners opt for previously owned ones, as long as they are fairly new models in great condition.

Many different suppliers and companies are dedicated to selling high-quality used laundry equipment to use for businesses. Some of them also offer limited warranties, so it lessens the worry of repair costs and the like.

That said, when should you purchase new or used laundry equipment?

We recommend investing in new laundry equipment if you have an extra budget and prefer the newest models without any repair history. However, if you are on a tight budget, used laundry equipment will still work just as well at a lower price, though you need to ensure you conduct research to know you’re transacting with reputable suppliers.


Wrapping It Up

There is no right or wrong to purchasing new or used laundry equipment, as it all depends on your needs. Consider these factors when you plan on purchasing equipment.