Hilary Swank’s “feel good movie” is not feeling very good for the family of the murder victim that is at the base of the story line of this flick, according to the website Soap2Day.

Swank, was the executive producer as well as playing the starring role in the movie “Conviction”. In short, the movie was about a young man who was found guilty of a murder and, after almost two decades in jail, was acquitted by the new DNA tests that became available

Swank’s character, the convicted man’s sister, was a high school drop out and put herself through law school just to fight this conviction of her brother.

When Swank said it was a “feel good movie,” she was most likely referring to the story between the sister, who fought to get the acquittal and the brother who was falsely accused.

Katherine Ayer was brutally stabbed and beaten in her home in 1980. Kenneth Waters was found guilty of this murder and spent 18 years behind bars. His sister, Betty Ann Waters, worked hard and long to get her falsely accused brother out of jail. In 2001 this finally happened with the availability of DNA testing.

It is a tragedy what happened to Ayer, the 48 year old woman who was slain. Another victim also emerged from this murder, which is Kenneth Waters. He was found guilty and gave up almost twenty years of his life due to a false conviction.

The family of Ayer have hired Gloria Allred to get their message through to Swank. Apparently the family of the slain woman was not consulted at all about using their mothers name in the story line.

The family is demanding a private screening of the film and a meeting with Swank. Their attorney, Allred, said that she will be trying to set a new moral standard in Hollywood that calls for the family of murder victims to be contacted when the case will be used or referred to in a movie.

In all fairness the family of any murder victim, whose name is to be used in a movie, should be notified. It is a simple and ethical thing to do. To be fuming at Swank for calling this a “feel good movie” is another thing. It is a feel good movie for the brother and sister team. Swank does have the right to tell the story of the siblings without being condemned.

The movie depicts the bond between these two siblings and how one devoted a large chunk of their life to the other.

Unfortunately when ever there seems to be a Hollywood lawsuit coming down the line, the name “Gloria Allred” appears to show up. She represented Rachel Uchitel, the woman who was the first noted mistress of Tiger Woods. This was one of Allred’s most publicized clients out of many in tinsel town, according to CNN.

Source: https://soap2day.day/