If you like gambling and playing different slots, but your winnings are very rare, it is time to stop for a while. Don’t spend your time and money on simple repetition of what doesn’t give you material reward. Learn how to improve your strategy. Figure out what can be done to increase your chances of winning.

Compare Slot Games You Are Going to Play

If you want to win and not just play slot games, start by comparing the conditions of different games. There are hundreds and thousands of different versions of slot games. They vary in terms of:

  • Slot providers. Due to the huge variety of slot providers, it is always possible to find games that suit your interests. Studying the releases of different companies, you will certainly prefer games by some of them. Moreover, due to the high level of competition among them, they actively strive for the sympathies of gamblers. For that purpose, slot providers regularly update their products and try to make them highly original and innovative. That is why your favorite slots will always have some further elaboration.
  • Themes on which they are based. Different slots have their own concepts, ideas, and even plots. You can find slots based on movies and sports events, classical games, and original new releases. Moving and singing, rich in graphic design, and thrilling your imagination. You can choose animals, horrors, mythology, and other thematic intriguing slots.
  • Number of reels. You can play with classical 3-5-reel slots or choose the option of 6-9 reels. You can find slots even with the bigger number of reels — up to 20 and even more.
  • Presence or absence of free spins and bonuses. Find out whether online casinos offer some bonuses to gamers, such as free spins or bonuses for inviting friends and other types of activities. You can use these bonuses later when needed. Every particular slot can have its own system of bonuses as well. Before playing any game, attentively study what these bonuses give to you and how to get them.
  • Graphical interfaces, type of pictures, general design. Contemporary slots are very different from classical schematic ones. They can have impressive 3D effects in the presented pictures. Images can move and have amazing musical backgrounds.
  • The average RTP (Return To Player) percentage. If you are just starting gambling, follow the principles of choosing online slots by playing slot games with maximum return and additional bonuses and symbols.
  • Possibility to start playing slots in demo versions without taking a risk of financial losses.
  • Types of jackpots (local, network, progressive), super games.
  • Wagering requirements and the game weighting.
  • Number of pay lines.

Study the Paytables of Slots

Studying detailed paytables before starting a particular slot is very important. Your expectations should be realistic. Don’t believe the stories of success of other gamblers without specifying the slot they were playing. Inspired by their stories, you may expect the same Fortune from a slot that does not suppose the same scheme of bonuses or the same amount of win.

Before starting a game look, through the paytable. This is especially important if you are starting a new slot. Its paytable can substantially differ from other paytables known to you. There, you will find the combination of icons specific to this game and symbols that will lead you toward the win.

Pay Special Attention to Conditions of Winning

If inexperienced gamblers do not pay attention to wagering requirements, they also risk unintentionally cheating themselves. For example, you study a paytable and see a very generous system of bonuses. But if a particular slot has a low game weight, you will be able to withdraw those bonuses after a long period of rounds. Possibly, you were not intended to play that long and would prefer to stop the game. But by stopping it, you will lose your chance to withdraw bonuses.

Study the Perspectives of the Win for the Different Number of Reels

Your win can depend on the number of reels the game has. Classical three-reel slots are very convenient for perception. However, they do not give as many opportunities to win as more advanced titles offer. That is why gamblers usually prefer slots with five reels. They are more rich in paylines and bonuses. However, some gamblers prefer seven-reel slots and even nine-reel options. Those with seven reels have fewer paylines. Bonus rounds for them are also not offered. That is why they are not as popular as five-reel slots.

Attention to detail is needed in everything people do. In gambling, this acute attention allows you to see the path that can lead you to a win. The same attention alarms you when you are taking a path that will lead only to the time and money wasted. The success follows those who compare and choose the best slots. Let only the best slots be always on your way!