Online casinos have been around for just shy of thirty years. Admittedly, Germans haven’t been able to play at them throughout much of their existence. Not legally, anyway. However, players can play in large parts of the country today. Throughout the entire span of online casino gambling history, craps has never been an overly popular game. Why not? Find out why the dice game has often been overlooked and why it is making a comeback in German online casinos today.

A Hugely Popular Land-Based Game

Craps is one of the most recognisable and popular table games in any American land-based casino. Admittedly, the following isn’t nearly as impressive when we look at European casino audiences. However, craps remains the number one dice game (over rival games such as the Asian favourite, Sic Bo).

Not So Popular Online

Where craps loses its popularity is online. The game has never been a big hit amongst online casino gamblers. We’ve never been able to get to the bottom of why craps didn’t make the same sizeable impact on online casino players that other games did. It could be that the simplicity of baccarat, blackjack and roulette ensured that these games were delivered to online casinos first, and the complexity of craps meant that it was left behind.

Why So Few Craps Games?

Few people are a hundred percent certain why craps was never made a big deal out of online, especially when it is considered one of the top land-based table game titles. However, another reason for its apparent decline in popularity online could be because it can be tough to learn. Most German gamblers opt for simple wagers. For instance, they don’t tinker with doubling down and splitting in blackjack, nor do they mess with inside bets in roulette, instead opting for outside stakes like red, black, odds and evens. Craps requires a great deal more education and practise before you play, and for many online casino players, this simply isn’t something they want to devote much time to.

Live Dealer Craps Raises the Game’s Profile

Two years ago, Evolution Gaming did more to bring craps to the German gamblers’ attention than any software provider before it. They decided to create a brand-new live dealer table game based on craps. First Person Craps also allowed players to jump between the live dealer and RNG (random number generator) versions of the game, thus bringing the former back into bettors’ minds.

Now You Can Play High Roller Craps Online

Craps is making a comeback. Slowly but surely, the game is starting to attract attention once more. Just this year alone, new high roller online craps are now live, and you can expect to see them unveiled at all top casinos that support high roller stakes. If we’re tweaked your interest in playing craps once more, you won’t have to look hard to find these top titles.