The car interior cleaning products and protection products market is at a peak these days, with the rising number of car owners who are preferring to protect their cars against dust and unwanted stains. No wonder, it is necessary for enhanced life, smooth functioning, and proper maintenance of the car.

Here is the list of the most frequently used interior car cleaning and protection products:

Car Seat Cleaner- Car seat cleaner gives your car’s upholstery or leather seats a new look by making them clean and shiny again. It does not contain any waxes or polishes; hence one can wipe off the dirt even before it gets dry. It can be used directly from the bottle or diluted with water for better results.

Car Towel- Car towel helps in removing all kinds of dirt, dust, and stains from your car. This towel does not have any fibers which might scratch the upholstery of your car. Rather it has a microfiber technology that can be used on all types of surfaces including leather, glass, wood, and metal without leaving any scratches behind. It leaves a protective layer around these materials which prevents them from getting dirty. For best results, it is advised to use this towel after washing your car so as to get rid of unnecessary residues.

Air Conditioning System Cleaner- It is used to clean the air conditioning system of cars. Michelin Air Conditioning System Cleaner gives your car’s AC a clean look by removing all kinds of dirt, grease, and unpleasant smells from it. Just like Car Seat Cleaner, it also does not contain any waxes or polishes that might cause scratches on the upholstery of your car.

Dry Wash Car Washing Liquid – 3M Dry Wash Car Washing Liquid has been specially designed for washing dirty cars quickly and easily. It can be applied using a pressure spray gun over the entire surface of the car without making it wet. One can use this product even if their cars are not present at one spot as it gets dry in a few minutes’ time after applying it.

Car care kit- This car care kit has all the necessary products that are required for maintaining your car. 3M Car Care Kit consists of all the necessary car interior cleaning products such as wax, compound, polish, microfiber cloth, and cleaner which can be used on different surfaces like fiberglass, gel coat, paint, and metals.

Fabric Cleaner- For cleaning dust and stains from fabric seats of cars it is best to use this product which does not contain any bleaches or abrasive particles. Michelin Fabric Cleaner will not damage the seat covers of your precious vehicles.

Insect Remover- It is highly effective in removing all kinds of insects along with their residues which get stuck to the windshields of cars during the summer months. Michelin Insect Remover prevents these insects from reattaching after wetting them with water.

Car floor mat- These car mats can be used to cover your car’s floor and get them protected from water, dust, and stains. These car protection products are mostly recommended for people who frequently get their cars washed or maintained at different places.

Steering cover- They are used for protecting the steering of cars from fading and cracking. They are made up of 100% polyester which is both sturdy and soft to touch.

Neck rest- This accessory helps people who love traveling long distances and feel tired due to continuous sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time. It keeps them comfortable by providing proper support to the neck and back during driving or traveling sessions on long journeys.

The interior car cleaning and protection products might differ in their features depending on the brand, usage, and pricing. But whatever may be the case they all have one thing in common and that is giving your car a new look with each wash or maintenance.

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