It is hard to imagine any modern home or apartment without air conditioning equipment. Split systems help maintain the optimal microclimate inside the premises all year round: in summer, they give a very desirable coolness; in winter, they heat up the rooms. But it is not enough just to buy an air conditioner to use it fully. It also demands correct installation, which shall meet all the necessary recommendations, which are only possible to meet with the air conditioning installation company –

Main mistakes in the air conditioner installation

There are people out there, who believe they can perfectly cope with the air conditioner installation on their own. These people consider themselves experts and think, it’ll be easy to install an air conditioner. However, the consequences of their actions are oftentimes deplorable because a split system is a complex piece of equipment, which requires a qualified approach.

During the self-installing the air conditioners, the most frequent mistakes and their consequences are:

  1. the absence of a protective canopy over the outer block, so icicles, falling down the roof and other objects can damage the system
  2. damaging the coolant pipe – thus, an air conditioner is incapable to provide the required level of heating or cooling the premises
  3. improper installation of a drainage system; thus, the outer block gradually receives a big volume of condensed liquid, which is dripping down and can flood the neighbors
  4. incorrect connection of an air conditioner to a drainage system, which is responsible for the appearance of bad odor in the drainage system
  5. incomplete cleaning of the piping from dirt and moisture before the installation, which causes fast breakage of costly air conditioning equipment.

As a result of unprofessional installation, a person not only can’t use all the advantages of an air conditioner but also has to spend huge money to conduct costly repairs. So, it is a false feeling of the economy if you’re not calling a professional installation engineer, as you would spend much more money to eliminate the bad installation result.

How do you install an air conditioner to avoid problems?

During the installation of a split system, you have to bear in mind that it consists of many structural elements. For proper work, it is required that the outer block is installed on the wall of a house in full compliance with the safety regulations. Freon communications have to be properly and accurately packed, as well as the drainage piping. All visible wires shall be hidden into a special box to avoid their damage.

In order to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of a faulty installation, professional engineers are invited, who will undertake the following action sequence:

  • placing an inner block above the window, across from the door, to make sure the even air spreading
  • placing an outer block under the window with the obligatory installation of a protective canopy
  • connection of those two parts with special piping
  • hiding the internal elements into a special box
  • using a dry siphon to provide quality connection of the system to the drainage
  • laying of a cable to connect the air conditioner with the electric grid
  • checking the impermeability of the freon system.

Air conditioning equipment should be installed according to all existing standards. Before the split system is commissioned, all its elements are rechecked and engineers make a test launch. Only in the case of the absence of leakages and unpleasant odors, the installation can be considered successfully finished. It is obligatory to check the quality of outer and inner fastenings and nodes. Engineers also have to provide a warranty sheet. That would mean that if any malfunction appears, the engineers, within the warranty time, should come and eliminate all malfunctions for no charge.

Consequences of air conditioner installation by companies with a dubious reputation

People sometimes choose installation companies, which promise them cheap work. Such people expect to receive professional service for lesser money but the results of the work of unfortunate masters make people pay even more, during the future repairs. Improper installation is dangerous not only for the owners of air conditioners but also for their neighbors (if we’re speaking of many-story houses).

An excessive amount of water can drop to the neighbor’s windows and then it will be hard to avoid problem situations. Electric malfunctions are also very dangerous since the unprofessional laying and connection of cables can cause short circuits and fires. During the fire, one can receive large damages to valuable belongings. The bad installation also leads to the probability of a split system not cooling the air properly in the summertime while also not giving the desired warmth in the wintertime. As a result, you simply waste your money.