CenturyLink is a technical communications and technology company and industry giant. Its roots date back all the way to 1930. CenturyLink offers a wide variety of services to customers all over the globe. However, CenturyLink is best known for the high-speed Internet, phone services, and cable TV service that it offers to residential customers.

Along with offering broadband services and digital subscriber lines, CenturyLink is also continuously working on expanding its fiber-optic network, which is currently operable in 19 cities.

Should you opt for CenturyLink?

  • If you want to lock in your plan price.
  • If you do not want to sign a contract
  • If your household needs the use of a lot amount of data.

If you fulfill the above-mentioned conditions, you should opt for CenturyLink.

  • If you are looking for a bundled service.
  • You want an excellent customer service option.
  • Your location receives slow DSL speed.

If you fulfill the above-mentioned conditions, you should not opt for CenturyLink.

CenturyLink has ranked fifth place in Internet service providers for 2021. If you live in a rural location, CenturyLink is one of the best options. CenturyLink works by the use of fiber optic Internet and the digital subscriber line [DSL]. The availability of such a combination means that CenturyLink is pretty widely available. Currently, CenturyLink is offered in 36 of the USS states. Despite DSL being an older technology and not being as fast as fiber or cable, it is a much better option than the dial-up connection and is more affordable than a satellite option.

CenturyLink offers a lot for a comparatively low price. They also have clear prices. $49 per month for DSL speed going up 200 megabits per second. You have to pay a $15 monthly fee to rent out the modem or router along with the plan price. The exact speed that you will get will depend on your location. However, the price would stay the same. The data cap in the case of CenturyLink is one TV. They also do not require you to enter into any long and winding contracts. The best feature CenturyLink has to offer to its customer is the DSL option has a price-for-life guarantee. Therefore, the price is locked for as long as you wish to avail of the services of CenturyLink Internet. The fiber plan of CenturyLink is also pretty good with offering 940 Mbps for only $65 a month. There are no data caps in the fiber plans and no monthly fee for the equipment. However, the lock-in feature is not present in the case of the fiber connection.

As mentioned above, the actual DSS speed that the customers avails differs from one location to the other. However, the fiber lines have been observed to be much more consistent. The company has not shown a good customer satisfaction rate. It has an average score of 710 out of 1000.

The fastest CenturyLink Internet speed plan

The faster plan in the case of CenturyLink is the fiber Gigabit plan. It offers speeds that go to 940 Mbps for downloading as well as uploading. If you can avail of the fiber option, you can do anything with multiple devices using the fiber plan. The DSL plan offers download speeds that go up 200 Mbps. CenturyLink has not disclosed the upload speed for the DSL plans. The DSL plan of CenturyLink is good for a household that is not very loaded on devices. Still, you may have to face some buffering and slow connection.

Bundling options

With TV, CenturyLink does not offer any bundle options. However, if you are availing of the Internet services of CenturyLink, you can up bundle up the phone as well. The price of the bundles will differ from one location to the other and the type of Internet service you are availing, whether it is fiber or DSL.

Along with the DSL modem that you received from CenturyLink, you will also receive the secure WiFi service of CenturyLink. The secure WiFi service protects you against any kind of cyber claims and threats. It helps secure all your devices from potential hackers and malicious websites. It works by the use of my CenturyLink app. You can use the app to access all the devices that are already connected to the network, check the speed, disconnect any device you want, and use the parental control function.

The parental control function is very handy for people with kids who are always on the Internet. Suppose you want the kids to finish their homework, but they wish you continue their Internet journey. You can disconnect the WiFi on that device and reconnect it only after your kids finish the homework. If you want to get CenturyLink and live in Chatham, check out CenturyLink Chatham la.