Proper sanitary facilities have always been a primary requirement at workplaces. However, these standards often didn’t get much attraction until the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic situation brought about new standards and regulations, which call for strict adherence to the safety of the workers. If you manage worksites, you need to maintain the new sanitary standards and arrange for as many portable toilets and other related facilities as necessary.

What sanitary standards do you need to maintain?

By now, it is a well-known fact that the coronavirus transmits via infected droplets, either directly or through surfaces touched by people carrying the virus. It naturally makes toilets extremely risky when shared by workers. Here are a few things to keep in mind while arranging for worksite sanitation:

Setting the toilets apart from each other One of the key ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is to practice social distancing. Even though it may seem convenient to place all the portable toilets next to each other, it’s not the best idea. Instead, spread them out a bit, maintain a safe distance between each toilet. Doing so would significantly reduce the chances of airborne transmission of Covid-19 near the units.

  1. Set up enough toilets

Individuals often rent only a bare minimum number of toilets to keep the costs low. However, you would have to keep in mind that the more people share the same toilet, the riskier it is. An inadequate number of toilets may also result in queues outside the stalls. It would make social distancing rather hard to practice. Rent one portable toilet for every ten workers at most for the sake of safety.

  1. Arrange for washbasins too

While setting up portable toilets outdoors, it is easy to forget about the washbasins. However, besides the fact that it is hygienic to wash hands after using the toilet, Covid-19 safety guidelines suggest the same. The top companies that offer portable rental toilets also provide washbasins and hand sanitizer dispensers. These are self-sufficient units, complete with their clean water and wastewater tanks.

  1. Clean and sanitize the toilets on a regular basis

One cannot overstate the importance of keeping the toilets clean, considering that the coronavirus can survive on inert surfaces for hours or even days. After setting up the portable toilets, make sure to have them cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Also, check whether the toilet rental company you are working with uses proper virucides to disinfect their toilets.

  1. Hire the right people for cleaning and maintenance

While hiring professionals to take care of the cleaning and maintenance, make sure they use the correct cleaning techniques. It is best to rope in a reliable portable toilet sanitation company. This way, you can enjoy your peace of mind that you have the right people taking care of the toilets. Investing in proper maintenance can save you from a great deal of hassle down the road.

How to maintain cost-efficiency while adhering to the new standards?

You might be feeling worried that adhering to the new worksite sanitary standards would cause your expenses to run too high. However, careful planning would make it more cost-efficient. For instance, a wide range of portable toilets is available out there. Check them out, compare the pricings and your requirements to pick the right one. For instance, you could choose to rent a toilet and a washbasin separately or simply a portable toilet unit that comes with a washbasin in it. The reputed companies also charge reasonable rates for rental toilets. You could even consult them to see what would be the most cost-effective solution for your worksite.