Remember the time how your mother would instruct you to hold the ends of her scarf when you went out shopping? Or maybe your friend asked you to update as in when you reached home. Safety is a very important and daily concern that we all face with respect to self and others. But ever wondered how this concern is being addressed today? Is simply an update call enough as a safety measure? There are too many questions to address with safety in mind. But here’s a tool that helps address all of them. UrSafe, a personal security app focuses on premium safety with a smart interface. Let’s dive right in.

  • Live Streaming: Problems don’t knock your door and keep you notified. It’s a normal day for your friend but the last minute presentation required her to stay back at the office. Going home back was a concern to her. Situations like these calls for a live tracking of your and your loved ones. So even if you are headed out in the middle of the night, it’s better you have someone safe tracking you rather than a potential threat eyes upon you.
  • SOS alerts: Panic is something that has us lose our mind in troublesome situations. You are in the state of flight or fight. However the situation be, you have your hands sweating and there is no escape with the amount of fear on you. Therefore having a public safety app that is smart enough to detect safety-causing situations through certain SOS triggers, allows you to not waste time and act on the situation swiftly. UrSafe allows the user to save a few safety words that once spoken will automatically trigger a SOS alert.
  • Fake calls: Did you ever pretend to be on a call when you wanted to pass by a street that wasn’t so safe enough? At times the cab driver just didn’t feel safe for you and panic fake-called your father. Like mentioned earlier panic is something that can make a witty mind sound naive! A panic fake call can most times sound like a fake call and that completely ruins the purpose of this safety measure. UrSafe the safety app allows users to schedule and ring a fake call, to excuse themselves from peril or an unsafe situation.
  • Alerts to safety agencies nearby:
    Call me when you reach, please? The tense period until your friend calls and updates is a bit anxiety causing. Do we go on thinking about what could have happened? Why hasn’t s/he called yet! Right now the best we can do is to install a security & family locator app that triggers SOS alerts not only to you as an emergency contact but also to the SOS agencies nearby to the person seeking safety.

Lastly, to sum up, UrSafe is all set and ready to bring safety to you at any time of the day. Wherever you go, have the app installed for safety.