Moving from one home to another will take a lot of effort and coordination. You will also need a lot of patience as you realize you have way more belongings than you anticipated. Your perseverance as well as your savings may get depleted in the process. However, with a bit of organization, you can pull off a great move and smooth out the transition. You will need to take some time and make several calls to make this happen.

Here’s a checklist to make your relocation a smoother transition.

Make a budget to determine your next move.

As mentioned, a big move such as relocation can deplete your savings, especially if it’s a long-distance move. This is because so many things go into making the move that you may lose count of what you’re spending. You may buy new furniture or a completely new home or real estate property and use your savings as a down payment. Maybe, you invest your emergency funding in a moving company to transport your belongings from one house to the other. A lot of things can happen in this process.

Ready your emergency savings for worst scenario cases.

With that in mind, it’s important to now create a savings fund for any unexpected expenses. This can be an emergency fund or safety net of about six months of expenses to ensure you’re covered for the time being. This net is to be used only in case of actual emergencies and should be created in a separate account from your normal savings account. This could even be an investment account, so your money can grow with time.

Request PTO at your job to settle into your new home.


If you’re making a move while still holding a position at your current job, then you may want to request some personal time off from your employer. This time is essential to be able to make the right moves without worrying about your job and its responsibilities. You will be using this time to pack your belongings, relocate them, clean your new home, activate utilities, and settle down.

Declutter and store accordingly

When relocating, you will notice that you have many belongings that you never thought you had or that you thought you had gotten rid of. This includes old or unworn clothes, kitchen utensils, unrepaired TVs, and expired produce. This is a great moment to declutter your current house and get rid of anything you don’t want to take to your new home. This will reduce the amount of money you will spend on moving, as well as your stress.

Mark your boxes on all their sides


To make your life easier, you will want to label all your boxes on all sides so that when you unpack at your new place, you can easily determine what’s in each box. It could also help to add the area where these items belong, so you can simply leave each box in their designated room.

Hire moving services that fit your needs.

For an even smoother experience, you may want to hire a relocation services expert in Oregon and Washington like USA Relocate. They will take care of the packing, relocating, and unpacking services so you can dedicate more time to other, more important tasks.

Use a water delivery system until your water service is activated.


Lastly, you may want to subscribe to a distilled water delivery service like Sparkletts to have fresh water delivered straight to your new home’s doorstep for hydration all year long. This can be very useful in case your new home has any issues with the local water service, if it goes out or gets contaminated, you can rely on Sparkletts to keep you refreshed.

This checklist will help you make a smoother transition and prepare yourself for your next big move.