Considering the fact that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, choosing the right material turns out to be crucial. During a roof repair, you might find yourself in a tough spot while choosing the roofing material. Every material has its own pros and cons, which can make it quite challenging to make the right choice. Ideally, you should consider consulting a professional if you lack experience in this field.

What are the most popular options?

Not every roofing material is suitable for every home. Whether you should pick a particular material really depends on your personal preferences, requirements and the design of your home. The top roof repair companies have plenty of roofing materials to offer. Some of the most popular among them are:

  1. Asphalt shingles

This is probably the most common material for roofing. Depending on the quality, asphalt shingles are quite durable and can last for about twenty to thirty years. It is also easy to replace these shingles, which makes repairs and renovations much easier. In terms of appearance, asphalt shingles are relatively less attractive compared to the other roofing materials that you could opt for.

  1. Slate roofing

If you are after quality and class and do not mind shelling out a bit extra, you may go for slate roofing. Slate looks elegant and attractive, making it a perfect material for European, French chateau and Colonial style homes. This roofing material comes with excellent fire resistance and durability, while being eco-friendly as you can recycle slate. However, slate roof repair can be expensive and requires professional expertise and extra framing.

  1. Metal

In recent times, metals like aluminum and steel have become extremely popular materials for roof replacement and installation. Metal roofing can be expensive and requires specialized professionals for the installation process. However, this type of roofing is extremely durable and cost-effective in the long run. Metal roofing not only looks great by itself, but you may also customize the finish to make it look like other materials.

  1. Tiles made of concrete and clay

Clay and concrete tiles are viable roofing materials as well. Both of these materials are fire-resistant and durable. Moreover, clay and concrete tile roofing help to trap heat, which makes heating or cooling the home far more efficient. However, both clay and concrete are quite heavy and can add to the weight of your roof. You would want to make sure that your roofing framework can bear the load.

  1. Wood shingles

If you prefer aesthetic and traditional architectural styles, wood shingles and shakes are great roofing materials. The difference between wood shingles and shakes is that while the latter is hand-made, shingles are machine-cut. This roofing material is natural and comes with a rustic look. However, wood is susceptible to rot, decay and mold. You might also want to opt for wood shingles with class-A fire-resistant coating as wood is inflammable.

  1. Synthetic slate tiles

If the cost of slate roof repair or installation deters you, you may opt for synthetic slate tiles. Manufactured from rubber, recycled plastic and engineered polymers, these tiles look surprisingly similar to natural slate. Synthetic slate is lightweight and cheap, while carrying the elegance of natural slate. However, the lifespan of synthetic slate is usually lower than that of true natural slate.

There are several options apart from these as well, although the ones that find mention above are the most popular. If you find it hard to choose the right roof repair material, look for one of the leading roofing companies in your area. Experienced professionals should be able to provide you with the guidance you need.