In 2018, 80% of all the treatments done the facial plastic surgeons were non-surgical procedures for cosmetic beauty enhancement including the ones involving injectable products like Belkyra. The motivation to go for such a treatment among people can be attributed to the act of taking selfies and posting them on social media to get the most appreciation from your network. No one wants their selfies to look bad with that double chin hanging around hence the choice to eliminate it forever, and what better way to get optimum results without having to undergo any serious medical procedures.

The sheer number of people going for this Belkyra treatment tells us a lot about the popularity and safety of it – a simple procedure to get those perfect selfies every time and boosting your confidence. As with any other cosmetic or medical procedure, if you have decided to opt for it, you should have proper insight into what is it all about? What will happen to your body? What is the process that you will be subjected to? What treatment options are available? You need a guide to help you out so you should keep on reading to get all the information you need before deciding what’s best for you.

What is Belkyra and how long does it last?

This product Belkyra is nothing, but synthetic Deoxycholic acid which helps destroy the walls of the cells in our body. In this case, when injected into the targeted area, the solution simply dissolves the walls of fat cells, and they no longer can hold the fat in them. This eliminates the fat deposits under the chin. The debris of the cells that is left behind is simply metabolized by your body and later eliminated through lymph nodes and blood stream.

Deoxycholic acid is already found in your body if you are wondering about it. It is present in the Bile duct and helps the stomach digest the fat which enters through the food we eat.  Belkyra is nothing but the same stuff but made in labs. The results of the procedure can be seen within 4 weeks of the treatment. This is because once the cells are destroyed, they are unable to return. All the fat from your chin is removed and it disappears forever – only your new chin remains that you can flaunt in your selfies!

What about the safety and side-effects of Belkyra?

One thing that you should keep in mind is that this treatment is completely safe and there are a number of reasons for it as follows:

  • It is not something foreign to your body since the solution already exists inside you.
  • You do not undergo any surgery.
  • No form of anesthesia is used hence making the procedure medically safer than others.
  • It has been approved the FDA to be used for submental fullness.
  • Professionals like actors and various celebrities endorse it so you know it is safe.

Another thing that worries people wanting to go for Belkyra treatment is the nature of side effects it can have on them. You need not worry because here too, there is nothing to be afraid of since:

  • Numbing cream and ice alone can ease the discomfort of small needles used.
  • Simple OTC medication removes the soreness as no special medicine is needed
  • Any bruising or swelling can be eliminated through anti-inflammatory drugs from the pharmacy

Belkyra treatment is spread across 4 sessions with each of these lasting for less than half hour. It is a quick and easy way to reduce or make your double chin completely disappear. To get the answers to any specific queries you have in relation to your health or unique requirements, do consult a trained professional before undergoing the treatment.