If it seems like new CBD companies are entering the industry every day, it’s because they are. Of course, the more fish there are in the sea, the more competition there is. However, our free-market economy is one of the reasons we have some of the best brands in the world. So, you’ll have to turn things up a notch to build a CBD company that leads its market.

There isn’t a cookie-cutter path to success, but there are some best practices that all business models should include. Continue reading to get some tips to help you run a profitable CBD company.

Use retail analytics to find suppliers, forecast demand, and learn customer behaviors.


Companies have always tried to get insider insight to help them keep their fingers on the pulse of their industry. However, big data analytics has revolutionized the way we collect and interpret these actionable insights.

One of the most prevalent uses of retail analytics tools is to get insights into consumer behavior. The more you know about how shoppers think, the easier it is to stock your inventory with in-demand CBD products.

You can even use retail analytics solutions to get real-time data on suppliers, allowing you to find the best prices for the hottest products in your inventory. Furthermore, with a predictive modeler, you can forecast future demand and optimize your supply chain accordingly.

Increase retail sales with your own merchandise.


Name-brand products are always more costly than store brands, but they don’t always deliver better quality or results. With that being said, creating your own line of CBD products is a great way to increase your retail sales while offering shoppers a more affordable alternative to name-brand CBD products.

Packaging is the best way to make your product stand out on a shelf full of competing brands. CoolJarz provides a wide assortment of packaging options and equipment so you can handle your own packaging. Visit cooljarz.com to learn about their many options, including pre-roll tubes, vape cartridges, and labeling machines.

Focus on the customer experience.


Providing the ultimate customer service should be the goal of everything you do. One of the best ways to enhance the customer experience is to create a mobile app for your business.

People love being able to access their favorite brands and services at the touch of a screen. Furthermore, providing a mobile app provides another point of sale (POS), and the best thing about that is it means your store is always open for business!

Learn or outsource digital marketing.


Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most viable ways to evangelize your brand to the masses. The best thing about digital marketing is that it’s affordable for all budgets, and search engine optimization (SEO) makes it as effective as television and radio commercials in many cases.

If you’re not a social media savant or a naturally gifted writer, it’s a good idea to outsource your digital marketing needs. Indeed, you can learn digital marketing and SEO yourself, but it’s a time-consuming endeavor. Even learning by trial and error will yield many more errors than successes early on. Outsourcing to a digital marketing or SEO agency will allow you to see instant results and increased organic traffic to your eCommerce website.

The CBD industry is thriving, but trying to build a successful brand takes a lot of hard work. Focusing on digital marketing, customer experience, and supply chain management is integral to your company’s success. Furthermore, instituting a customer loyalty program and making your own CBD products are great ways to increase sales and brand awareness. There are no guarantees of business success, but using these tips will greatly increase your odds of achieving your goals for your CBD store.