After so much time spent in quarantine, it’s only natural that many people want to go out, get active, and feel their best. So even though summer is coming to a close, it’s still an excellent time to put your health first and go into fall feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

So, what exactly does putting your health first look like? For some people, putting their health first means trying new diets or exercise programs. For others, it means investing in a new mattress for a better night’s sleep. No matter your personal wellness goals or needs, here are a few ideas to help you put your wellness first.

Get the right mattress.

Your mattress and your pillows impact your body more than you might think. For starters, the wrong mattress can shift your hips, cause neck or back pain, and even lower your sleep quality. Since you spend so much time every day in bed, you must have a mattress that’s built to suit your body’s specific needs. When picking a mattress, it’s often good to look for a pillow top mattress with memory foam layers. While springs and coils are alright, they’re often not as comfortable as memory foam options and pillow-tops.

When you’re choosing a mattress, you want something durable, comfortable, and affordable. However, it would help to consider your weight, natural sleeping position, and general sleeping preferences. If you often wish you had a firmer mattress or don’t like it when you sink into too much memory foam, that can influence your purchase. By reviewing your mattress needs, you can narrow down product searches and find the appropriate mattress to help you get some quality sleep.

Talk to your doctor about trying CBD.

If you’ve heard about CBD from a friend, on social media, or the news, you’re not alone. People across the country are fascinated by CBD and its potential benefits. You can even find CBD products like CBD oil in your local supermarkets and grocery stores. However, for those trying CBD products for the first time, the best way to find the right CBD oil or water-soluble CBD oil is to talk to your primary care provider. Beyond helping you understand how cannabinoids work, your physician can recommend different cannabidiol strains to help with your wellness goals.

Water-soluble CBD, in particular, is popular because of its bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how easily your body absorbs different compounds and molecules into the bloodstream. A water-soluble CBD tincture is an easy way to try CBD products and learn about their potential benefits. But, of course, you should also read up on any possible side effects. If you experience any adverse effects from taking CBD, then it’s in your best interest to stop whatever products you’re taking and meet with your physician.

Incorporate fun, practical exercises.

If you’re trying to remove body fat or build lean muscle, you’re going to want to incorporate more exercise into your routine. If you’re interested in exercises for fat loss, for example, you may want to consider staples like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio workouts, and strength training. You can also try your hand at targeted exercises like squats, burpees, and jump rope for the best results.

When you’re starting any exercise program or learning to incorporate aerobic exercise, you have to go a bit beyond learning different activities and trying a few programs. You also have to, ideally, maintain exercise consistency. While it’s absolutely okay to take days off, it can be helpful to stick to a general exercise schedule. Within that exercise schedule, you can still vary exercises, try new approaches, and incorporate fun activities that you enjoy by yourself or with friends. When you have a regular schedule, it’s much easier to maintain consistency and get some of the health benefits from exercise, like keeping your heart rate in a healthy range. You may even find you have more passion for movement than you once realized.

Adjust your diet to meet your personal needs.


Even with the best exercises and effective workout programs, you still need to consider your dietary needs. While you can lean on vitamins and supplements to help with some of the work, your diet should do some of the heavy lifting. When you’re trying to rethink your diet, you don’t necessarily have to change all the foods you eat, either. Intuitive eating is perhaps the best option for people trying to repair or improve their relationship to food. It’s a diet culture-free way to optimize your personal food intake. Mindful eating is another great practice that encourages people to eat with greater satisfaction and attunement.

Between trying CBD for the first time or researching a new type of exercise, there are plenty of ways you can put your health first. With the right products and a robust support system, you can achieve your wellness goals.