Securing your home has always been the focus of all families since ancient times. With more and more developments in the home security industry, technology has played a major role in bringing out innovative solutions to help provide better security and monitoring. With the emerging technologies of the 21st century, the control is being put into the hands of the consumer to automate and create a life that they wish for.

With artificial intelligence and smart devices reaching the shelves, it is essential to underscore the importance in internet of things and machine learning in today’s alarm and security systems. Gone are the days when the security of the house was limited to automatically alerting the authorities or raising loud alarms that alerted the neighbours.

Home security trends that you will notice around you

  • Smart homes – With more and more people getting access to high-speed internet, today most of the households are spending big buck on smart security equipment. The outdoor surveillance, video doorbells, voice assistants, smart lighting and much more all forms a part of the enhanced features that modern day security systems have to offer.
  • Big brands – The market for securing the home has grown incredibly and this has brought some big names in the electronics industry into the fray. Now you can find devices from Bosch, ADT or Honeywell, which were previously reserved for commercial applications, selling like hotcakes from the supermarket.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Be prepared to get yourself familiar with AI because that is the future of all things electronics, even the humble alarm system in your house. Latest gadgets are designed to learn about the various aspects of your daily life so any exceptional event can be alerted in advance.
  • Wi-Fi 6 – As if the first wave of Wi-Fi itself wasn’t enough, turns out it has evolved across 6 generations. If you wish to get the latest security systems, then make sure that it is Wi-Fi 6 certified. Why? Because you will be needing faster networks that can carry more data between connected devices that surround the house and work in tandem to provide seamless home safety.
  • Privacy concerns – Gone are the days of peeping toms and binoculars, today, with the connected systems, hackers can tap into that live feed of the standalone camera which you had fixed. Hence the security systems today come equipped with defence against such hackers.

Rather advanced home security trends for the coming decade

  • Robot Sidekicks – The future is now with robots running around the house recording everything and helping you connect with anyone in your house remotely through cameras and mics.
  • Smart locks – Open the locks remotely, or just walk to your door and it unlocks automatically through your phone.
  • Facial recognition – You will start seeing this technology in a lot more devices and not just your phone.
  • Cloud services – With so much data, you will need a place to store it and what better alternative than a digital hard drive that can be accessed from anywhere.

With time, the focus has shifted from just securing your home to securing AND monitoring your home. Technology has not just helped homeowners but burglars too hence you need more and more advanced mechanisms to keep them from getting successful in breaking into your house or hack into the internet to access your data.

Home security will continue to be shaped by technology in the near future and devices will keep on evolving over time to be able to better protect you and your family. You have to keep an eye on more and more software updates and any recalls to provide a safe and secure abode to your family members.