If you are a homeowner and have an outdoor pit, a chimney in the living room or just a barbeque, chances are you wish to cut down on your fuels costs and opt for greener fuels. God knows burning wood every time not only costs a fortune nowadays; it also gets you weird looks from your neighbors and unwanted judgments are passed ruining your standing in the society. With more alternate fuels coming into the foray, you might have just the right solution for all your woes. Propane gas is one such common alternate fuel that is easily available and you can find being used in almost every house today. This does not make Propane a miracle fuel though. Like any other fuel, it has its pros and cons. We have listed down a few for you to read and make the right decision for yourself

Top advantages of using Propane gas as a fuel

  • Availability – Till the time there is petrol available, propane will be available. Also, just like petrol, propane is also available even in the farthest corner of the world. This is simply because when refineries produce petrol from crude oil, propane is emitted as a by-product. The world is not running short of this fuel for generations to come.
  • Portability – There is no need to lay down pipes and connect to any utility service provider to be able to use Propane to light up your chimney or your outdoor pit. Is comes in refillable cylinders that can either be kept anywhere or carried around wherever you want.
  • Heating efficiency – Simply put, burning propane will produce more heat for every ounce of fuel you burn as compared to any other household fuel.
  • Clean and Green – It has been found that burning this gas will produce no carbon or greenhouse emissions that harm the environment
  • Cost – If you are price conscious then this is the fuel for your house. The running costs are the lowest among all the fuels.

Top disadvantages of using Propane gas

  • Flavor – If you are old school, you might not like the flavor propane imparts to the food you cook in the barbeque powered by propane.
  • Switching costs – Overhauling appliances and furnaces is expensive. You might want to run the numbers before making a complete switch to Propane.
  • Money matters – You might think that you are saving on fuel but in some markets, the prices of propane are volatile and a lot depends on the prices of crude oil. You might also start using more fuel now that you believe it costs less and balance out any savings you were making than before using propane gas.
  • Filling it up – You will still have to haul that cylinder and get it filled. Regular checks will be warranted to and servicing needs to be scheduled, which can be a burden for some.
  • Fossil Fuels – While burning the gas might not be harmful, you are still contributing by helping oil companies use more and more fossil fuels for their profits at the cost of the environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of using Propane gas balance out each other. Do note that if you are only worried about the costs, you will have to research a bit and figure it out how much saving you will be ultimately making after investing in the equipment, changing appliances and hiring services. One thing that you definitely need to do before you can utilize propane is elevate your living situation because you might feel it is the right choice but your house and equipment might not be so ready. Feel free to connect with professionals for some expert advice on the matter before taking a decision.