Isn’t it shattering to hear your favorite porcelain platter or a treasured crystal wine glass break when you are unpacking or unboxing it? You will surely agree that probably nothing can be as disappointing. If you are planning a move or are falling short of space at home to safely store your fragile goods, a storage facility a great option to store them. These storage services provide a secure place and conducive climate to ensure that your fragile goods are maintained in a perfect condition. When you use a storage facility, their experts will also help you with tips and tricks to properly packing your valuable items so that they don’t get damaged when they are stored.

How to pack your fragile goods for storage?

While you use storage facilities that are temperature controlled to safely store your valuable belongings, you must ensure these are properly packed for storage. Here are some tips to ensure that these items stay intact while in storage and during transit.

  • Use smaller boxes for packing the fragile items as these are easier to handle and they allow for lesser room for the items to shift around during transit
  • Use packaging items like bubble wrap or packing paper to cushion the items
  • While packing glassware, stuff in lots and lots of packing paper into them. Wrap the stems with bubble wrap. Then wrap the whole item in a layer of packing paper and a layer of bubble wrap. Secure all of this with packing tape.
  • For ceramics, use packing paper and bubble wrap to layer between the stack of items. Then wrap the complete stack in bubble wrap, properly secured with packing tape.
  • For electronics like television, microwave over or toasters, if you have the original packaging intact, us the same. If not, cover the television in a thick blanket.
  • For delicate furniture, dismantle the furniture when possible. Wrap each part in bubble wrap and make sure any glass components are separately packed.

You must not rush the packing process of your fragile goods and make sure you plan it well. Always put labels on the boxes, to indicate what is stored in it and which way the box needs to be opened. Make sure no heavy objects are stacked on top of other items.

Selecting a proper storage facility for fragile goods

One you have packed and labelled all your items, you need to make sure that they are safely transported to the storage facility. Do not lift any heavy boxes on your own, rather seek help from the storage facility. All good service providers offer move-in trucks tools and equipment like ramps. If you have heavy fragile goods like antique furniture, ask the storage facility to provide you forklifts and drivers who are accredited and experienced. If you are storing valuables like books, art pieces, antiques, electronic items or documents which can get damaged by moisture, you must look for a facility with climate control. Such a storage has a heated storage space with a constantly maintained temperature in the range of 12 degrees to 29 degree Celsius, this is good to maintain a moisture level which does not damage the goods. Choose a facility which is secure, with 24-hour surveillance, access control, heat and smoke detectors and adequate lighting, especially if you are storing important documents or valuable heirloom.

If you are planning to relocate and perturbed thinking how you will safely store your fragile goods, you should contact a well-known storage facility in your area and ask them for a quote and brief about their services. Make sure you evaluate the facility properly before signing up for it so that your valuable items do not get damaged in storage.