There are many ways in which your home can be kept warm and cozy during the winters. By installing a heating system, you can regulate the temperature of the house and create the perfect atmosphere. There are many types of heating solutions however the usefulness or the cozy experience you get from underfloor heating is simply out of this world. It doesn’t matter what kind of floor you have or where in the house you want to fit the heating mechanism whether it is the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom, it is easy and convenient to go through with the installation. There are however some dos and don’ts that as a home owner you need to keep in mind before, during and after the installation hence check these out below to ensure an excellent experience.

Important “Do’s” for underfloor heating through heating systems

  • The heat source – You need to figure out whether you will need a single source to heat the entire floor or you need to use the distributor with a pump. If your floor heating mechanism has more than 5 groups, then you do need to have the pump in place.
  • Border proofing – When there is a glass façade in the house, do opt for a border zone. Whenever there is a chance that cold traps can develop, a border zone eliminates the possibility and provides extra comfort.
  • Room control for individual spaces – What better way to conserve energy and have full control over your heating system than to be able to shut or divert underfloor heating in one room or two rooms or a section of the large living room you have. You should inform the contractor of your requirements and accordingly the team will install the ECS.
  • Get that heat loss calculation done – It is slightly expensive to get this calculation done however, most of the time it pays for itself by exposing areas where lesser materials are required hence overall reducing the cost of installation and helping the environment as well.
  • Installing the manifold right – be smart about your choice of place where the manifolds is installed. Get it fixed where the least amount of movement is present like under the stairs or a storage area.

Important Don’ts for heating system that give underfloor heating

  • Drilling will ruin it – No matter how knowledgeable you think you are about your underfloor system, even if you have the schematics, never drill on the floor that has a heating mechanism. It always backfires.
  • Going below the dew point – Do not in any situation let the temperature of the water supply go below the dew point. This will create condensation on the floor. No one wants a permanent wet floor.
  • Using non-impermeable pipes – Do not opt for such pipes and only choose diffusion tight pipes. Gone are the days when you had limited options for pipe selection. Now you have such pipes that prevent corrosion of the whole system hence go for them instead of old methods and choices.
  • Temperature above 29 degrees – Do not set the temperature above 29 because it will only cause burns and discomfort to your feet.
  • Expansion joints are your friend – If you feel that your floor will not expand and contract due to heating changes then think again. Without these joints, you will have cracks on your floor in no time.

Underfloor heating is not a luxury anymore. Heating systems that provide a cozy environment inside the house are a necessity nowadays. If you are smart about your choices and consult experts before going ahead with the installation, then you will end up making the best out of the situation.