With the onslaught of the pandemic in 2020, many people turned to stay-at-home hobbies to pass the time spent at home. From baking bread and knitting to doing jigsaw puzzles, people discovered many things to help them get through the days spent quarantining at home. For some people, the pandemic provided time to get into gardening and even growing their own cannabis plants.

As laws have changed around the country, many people can now legally grow their own marijuana at home. Cannabis cultivation laws, however, vary greatly across different states. Growing cannabis plants remains illegal in many areas and comes with steep penalties. If you are in an area where you can legally cultivate and harvest cannabis plants, you have several options for growing it indoors or outside.

Since the sun is free, however, it is typically simpler and less expensive to grow marijuana outside. Just like any other plant, as a grower, you’ll need to pay attention to things such as soil type, fertilizer, water, and nutrients. Let’s take a look at some tips for growing your own marijuana.

Use the right soil.

As with the cultivation of any other plant, soil type and quality is important for successfully growing marijuana plants. The best marijuana soil is unfertilized organic soil. You can begin by buying an inexpensive potting soil mix that contains nutrients. The thing to pay attention to, however, is the level of fertilizer in some of these mixes.

Soil with fertilizers can burn certain plants and cause them to die. Higher-end soils can be purchased that contain nitrogen, coco coir, and other organic matter and additives. If you are interested in planting outside in the ground, you can consider mixing your own soil with organic matter and other additives to condition the soil. When choosing soil, you should also consider water retention as well as drainage to get the best soil for your plants.

Know your plants.

When selecting your plants, you’ll want to make sure that you get the right ones. Cannabis plants are either male or female. The female plants have larger flowers or “buds,” that contain the most tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Male plants tend to have smaller, must less potent flowers.

If you want to grow from seeds, you can buy some that have been “feminized” and will yield female plants. As a newbie starting, you might also consider purchasing cloned plants that are cuttings from other female plants. As a cannabis grower, you’ll want to ensure that you are growing the best plants for your purposes.

Don’t forget to water.


Watering can be a mistake that many gardeners who are growing any plants make. Growers either water their plants too much or too little. Marijuana plants require a good bit of water to produce a successful crop. If your plants are potted, you can check the soil for indications that they need water. If the soil feels dry you will need to add water.

As discussed, it’s important to maintain proper drainage to ensure that your plants aren’t sitting in water. Be sure to add enough water so that it reaches all the way to the cannabis roots. You might also consider your water quality if you really want to ensure healthy plants. You can buy water that you know to be clean and free from any additives to make sure that you get healthy mature plants.

An additional consideration for your marijuana plants is sunlight. Growing indoors will require a complex setup of grow lights to provide adequate temperatures and light for the plants to survive. If you are growing outdoors, you can rely on sunlight to provide for your plants. With an adequate amount of water and sunlight, if you have chosen the best soil and plants, you will have healthy mature cannabis when it’s time to harvest.