Alternative investment opportunities are rising in popularity with investors all over the world. These are commodities that offer unique avenues toward increased capital gains and generational wealth building.

There is, of course, no silver bullet that offers to make an investor rich quickly without any legwork. Even a targeted purchase in GameStop during the short squeeze period that took many months of groundwork to set in motion doesn’t necessarily promise the capital gains you wish for. Still, a number of alternative investment opportunities and targeted commodity purchases can bring you to this precipice if you incorporate a robust and fluid strategy that promises great returns over the long run.

In order to lock in great returns, there are a number of employee productivity tools important factors to consider; read on to learn more about building a booming portfolio of alternative investment and commodity asset options.

Selecting assets takes research skills.

Fostering great investment research skills isn’t something that comes overnight either. Building a habit of success takes a lot of research, many poorly timed trades (resulting in capital losses), and even more short and long term capital gains.

Some of the most influential people in the U.S. investment world spend most of their time reading and analyzing the market’s movements. With resources like Influential Times, making necessary adjustments, tailoring investment strategies, and building a growing portfolio of assets becomes a habit rather than a guessing game. Great research skills are essential to making strong trades that will result in large capital gains year over year. There’s just no substitute for high quality knowledge and trading instinct when it comes to making rapid trades in the cryptocurrency, stock, or commodity markets.

Finding the best alternative assets for your needs is a process.


The cryptocurrency market (Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and other digital currency tokens) offers a fantastic space for first time and experienced employee productivity tools investors to begin growing a high profile investment portfolio that hedges against fiat currencies and the fiat model itself. Cryptocurrencies are some of the fastest moving assets in play at the moment, but cryptocurrencies should make up only a portion of your overall investment portfolio.

Cryptocurrencies (LTC, BTC, ETH, etc.) operate in a volatile marketplace that can spell disaster for an unfocused investor. As such, understanding your positions in the cryptocurrency space—as well as your obligation to pay crypto tax in Australia, the United States, or elsewhere—is something that must factor into your overall cryptocurrency strategy.

In addition to cryptocurrency, traders love adding the staying power of real estate or gold bullion to their holdings. Last year, Cryptocurrency took off in the social atmosphere of stimulus check induced investing, yet real estate and gold combine to offer the best long term holding assets, no matter the market frenzy that occurs in periods of short term crypto trading.

One great asset that investors flock to is the gold mining business. Firms like Alamos Gold offer unique strength when it comes to building long term capital gains. With the new Alamos Gold, Turkey expansion projects that are ongoing, the firm stands poised to take control of a large swath of the gold mining market. The Alamos mine at Kirazli has the blessing of the Turkish Government, and the Kirazli project stands ready to deliver tens of millions of dollars in profit (in ounces of gold) at one of the market’s lowest cost basis rates per ounce that have ever been seen.

An industry leader, Alamos trades on the NYSE so taking advantage of the firm’s position in the gold market is one of the easiest investments that you can make as a stock trader. Alamos Gold also offers a hefty dividend to its shareholders, so building long term wealth while reaping short term rewards is par for the course with this investment opportunity.

Physical assets offer stability.


In addition to cryptocurrency, gold bullion, and mining holdings, real estate provides investors with a high quality dividend generator that has been relied on for excellent returns for generations. Real estate consistently builds excellent wealth, as property value continues to skyrocket once again after the market collapse in 2008.

Real estate is a unique asset in that monthly dividend income—in the form of rent checks—can eliminate the debt obligation that comes along with a mortgage that is used to take possession of a property in the first place. Rental income can boost your overall net worth as your equity in the home grows at the direct expense of your renters rather than your own monthly paycheck and cash flow.

However, as with any commodity investment, there are opportunities to lose money on the trade as well as concessions that must be made. Tenants aren’t responsible for repairs to the property, and on occasion will default on their rental payments. This can lead to lengthy and costly eviction proceedings, which can eat away at your capital gains.

The best way to manage a real estate investment depends on your circumstances. Some owners choose to take a direct approach—building rapport with their tenants so that these crises can be mitigated through mutual respect and understanding. Others delegate these tasks to a management company that handles the entirety of these property management tasks for you.

Building a portfolio of alternative assets and high quality commodities takes work. Make sure you do your homework and start small in order to make the most of your portfolio’s returns.