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When the Covid Pandemic ramped up in the early months of 2020, the idea of wearing a mask to go out in public was a foreign concept to many living in America. As the situation worsened, there were all sorts of masks on the market and tutorials about making your own mask. As a little over a year has passed and we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, masks have become a part of our attire. Based on the information from experts, it’s likely that protective face coverings are here to stay for a while. As we have heard, wearing face coverings helps us to protect our loved ones, friends, and communities. With that being said, however, wearing a mask doesn’t mean that you can’t be safe and look good. Let’s take a look at some tips to look your best while wearing PPE.

The Mask

Before we dive into the tips of looking your best with your PPE, it’s important that you feel your best. Health experts have continued to advise that wearing a face mask is one of the best ways to help prevent illness and infection. From the N95 masks to cloth face coverings, there are several options for covering your face and helping to prevent the spread of contagions. Another option is a half mask respirator that can filter out things such as particulates, vapors, gases, and other irritants. No matter if you opt for a cloth mask or mask respirator it doesn’t have to be a drag. You will want to choose PPE that has a comfortable fit, is safe, and can help you accessorize your look.



With the lower half of your face covered by your PPE, it’s time for your eyes to shine. When professional models hold a pose without a big grin, the director will often tell them to smile with their eyes. Since we are all covering our faces these days we also have to smile with our eyes. This means that it’s all about the eyes, lashes, and brows. Eye make-up that makes a statement can be the perfect accompaniment to your half mask. You might also consider magentic eyeliner and eyelashes the help your eyes shine. Since only half of your face is going to be showing, it might be necessary to go a little bolder than you normally do. Bring out the bling and color to help your eyes make the statement that the rest of your face can’t behind a mask.



Understandably, some may want the opportunity to let their skin breathe and go without make-up under the mask. Other people, however, might wish to maintain their normal look. Well done make-up will help your face glow and could accent your eyes to send a warm message behind your mask. It will be important, however, to remember to use a product with SPF! A face mask or ear strap sunburn will not do your look any favors! Another pro-tip is to use a little setting powder over your make-up to help it stay on longer under your mask. Additionally, If you do decide to wear make-up with your mask, be sure to use cotton swabs, makeup remover, and facial wash to prevent breakouts. With the addition of a mask, sweat, oil, and skin cells will accumulate more than usual.


Another way to step up your mask-wearing look might be to pay a little more attention to your hair. Since you’ll have the straps from your mask around your ears, you might want to forgo the headband this year. This will ensure that there isn’t uncomfortable pressure on your temples and ears. Aside from that, you might consider some fun braids or a stylish updo. Since we are living in unique times right now, you might opt to do something different and get a pixie cut or other short hairstyle. Whatever you do with your hair, remember to have fun and let it highlight your personality.

It is no secret that most of us don’t enjoy wearing a mask out in public these days. Unfortunately, it has become our new reality at least for a little while longer. This doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our look though. Take some time to pay extra attention to your eyes, face, and hair to let your personality shine through your PPE.