Shopping for parents can be challenging because they often have all the things they need or want, and you’ve been buying them presents for years. It can be hard to come up with a great new gift idea.

Fortunately, when it’s time to shop for your dad, you don’t always have to come up with something new. Male gift recipients are often less fussy about presents, and most people find it easier to think of presents for men. Whether you’re shopping a birthday present, a Father’s Day gift, or a Christmas present, you can use these tips to find great gift options your dad will appreciate.

Spend some time researching gift options.

Head to to do some research. The Quintessential Man is a website that highlights the best products for men. Their informative articles can give you valuable insights into products for men on the market today and how to identify the best merchandise. Whether you’re shopping for a new watch or plan to buy your dad jeans or joggers, this website offers expert insight that can help you choose which brand or model to buy your dad. The Quintessential Man also provides style and lifestyle tips. Unlike review sites, this site focuses on being deeply informative. Reading articles on their site could help you come up with a lengthy list of excellent gift options.

You can also read industry publications. Let’s say your dad enjoys playing golf and heads out to play every weekend. You could turn to golf magazines to identify golf products you could buy for your dad. Publications may also help you identify popular brands and models, which can make it easier to select a present.

Look for ways to personalize essentials.

If your dad has everything he needs, you can come up with a meaningful gift by personalizing essential items, such as mugs. Mugs are ideal for holding hot beverages. Review the best coffee mugs on the market, and find a mug you can customize. You can add a design to a mug to make it truly distinct and original, or you can have photos printed on a ceramic mug. Personalized coffee mugs are a great option if your dad needs a mug for the office because it’s easy to identify a personalized mug.

You can also surprise your dad with a personalized travel mug. The best travel mugs have lids, making it easier to drink hot beverages while driving without spills. Travel mugs are a great option if dad spends a lot of time driving. You should look for a mug that’s microwave and dishwasher safe to ensure it’s easy for your dad to care for his mug. If your dad prefers cold drinks to hot drinks, you can opt to buy him a personalized tumbler. The best cold drink tumblers come with lids and straws.

Watch and read reviews from experts and consumers.

Many publications include product reviews. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to turn to industry experts to help you make a decision. For example, if your dad enjoys playing video games, you might be thinking about getting him some gaming equipment. Gamers understand how a product’s design can affect players. Whether you’re shopping for a gaming computer, console, headset, video game, controller, or gaming chair, it’s a good idea to turn to gaming experts to identify the best products available.

It’s also a good idea to review consumer feedback. More than eight out of every ten smartphone owners conduct online research before buying goods, and their research often includes reading consumer feedback. Your dad may have specific needs that a professional reviewer wouldn’t consider when evaluating a product, but other consumers may be able to offer insight into how effectively products meet those personal needs. For example, if you’re thinking about buying your dad a book, but you know he gets upset by stories about children dying, you may want to turn to sites that provide book recommendations and content warnings before you select a book.

Researching gift options can be a great way to come up with gift ideas for your dad. You can also customize essential items, such as coffee mugs, to give your dad a personal present. Reading consumer feedback can also help you determine which item will make the perfect present for your dad.