Anyone who has a pet knows that they’re a part of the family. However, if you’re suddenly suffering from pet allergies then you might need to take a brief step back from your furry friend. There are plenty of things that may be exacerbating these symptoms, your pet being one of those things. If you’re ready to find some ways to get relief from your allergies while still loving your pet, then continue reading to learn some interventions that will help you manage.

1. Determine your allergens.

Before you go ahead and blame your cat or dog for all of your allergy symptoms, you should do a deep dive to determine what you’re allergic to. Depending on the season, there are variable allergens that are in the air. For example, allergens include pet dander, pollen, mold. While pet dander is likely a big cause for your symptoms, breathing in a combination of these airborne particles makes you feel even worse.

Plus, if the problem is pet dander, this isn’t something that is affected by your pet’s hair. Contrary to popular belief, there are no true allergen-free dogs or cats. At the end of the day, pet dander comes from your pet’s saliva. So, regardless of shedding, all dogs have saliva that puts microscopic dander and allergens into the air.

2. Find methods to improve air quality.


There are many interventions that will assist you in improving your indoor air quality. A great first line of defense is an air purifier. Many purifiers work to remove pollen, dust, pet dander, mold, odors, and even viruses bacteria from your home. This particular air purifier filter is a true HEPA filter that removes airborne particles that are contributing to your allergic symptoms. By deciding to opt for this favorite air filter, you’re committing to clean air for yourself and your loved ones.

These air purifiers make a great gift for anyone you need to buy for this holiday season. If you’re looking for excellent stocking stuffers this season too, then check out these ideas. However, when in doubt, an air purifier makes a great gift that adds better air quality in any room for your gift recipient.

3. Ways to manage sensitivities and love your pet.


In addition to an air purifier, there are other ways to help manage your allergies. One intervention is to take some kind of antihistamines for your symptoms. Always consult with your physician before you take a medication, but remember to ask which you should take since there’s such a wide selection of allergy medications out there. It’s also worth noting that you need to clean your home to pick up larger particles that are laying around your house. Invest ina good quality vacuum cleaner that will pick up particulates like dust and pet hair that add to your pesky symptoms.

While you’re looking for things to buy to alleviate some of your pet’s dander and allergy symptoms, consider purchasing a little gift for your furry friend too! While the weather warms up and spring is finally here, you’re going to want to take your pup on walks. Consider buying them a custom dog collar paired with a harness. This collar will be a fun surprise to make walks a bit more fun, and pairing it with a harness will make walks easier than ever.

A harness like this is one of the best on the market, and it’s a smart investment for your spring walks because they prevent dogs from pulling by taking pressure off the dog’s neck. Not to mention, the best part is that you’re working to find fixes for your symptoms all while caring for your furry family member too.