The right carton is a game-changer for any business that relies on shipping goods or putting out a product that immediately pops on the shelves to a consumer. It is important to not only have attractive packaging but have consistent boxing as well to keep your product protected.

More businesses are relying on packaging machines to make sure their product line is at its peak at all times. The reasons why are many, but here are a few reasons why business owners are jumping for the benefits of these machines.

Convenience and Speed

A cartoner packaging machine has made it possible for companies to ramp up production speed through automated packaging solutions that allow businesses to multitask and work multiple steps in the process, including sealing and labeling.

These technologies can allow companies to shift their staff to tasks that require more hands-on interaction from human workers. These automated systems improve the consistency of packaging, keeping it at a somewhat gold standard to where no carton differs in size, shaping, or structure than others like it.

Increases in speed vary depending on the types of packages and processes, but these line packaging solutions can offer constant output. That consistent pace translates to the number of products sent out to consumers. That boost in productivity translates into greater profit for a business with customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Quality Control


Packaging systems can not only keep production at a steady and high speed, but they also assure a standard is maintained that may not be there with human case packers on the line. A flexible packaging system can assure that any shape or design of the carton or package will come out as close to identical to the previous package before it on the line.

The development of new cartoning machines has adapted with recent technological developments, like artificial intelligence, that allow computers to spot the same errors and mistakes that a human worker would. Some modern quality control systems are going so far as to say their systems can catch nearly all of the errors in cartoning. This can translate to higher consistency in packaging and longer productive hours, just by the quick catch of a snag in the end flap of the carton.

Lowering Risk of Employee Injury


As more businesses opt for packaging machines as opposed to human construction of cartons and boxes, it is helping to put less pressure on the health of those employees. Repetitive manufacturing and packaging tasks have been linked to work-related musculoskeletal disorders, sometimes referred to as ergonomic injuries.

These injuries can sideline workers for days and even weeks and can wear on the body over time to where a procedure or surgical intervention may be required. Process packaging systems and robotic palletizers help even the most diverse product line eliminate the tedious tasks for these workers, eliminating the risk of injury while boosting productivity. While a machine handles carton construction, a company can effectively reassign a worker to a task that requires more human touch.

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