Gift-giving doesn’t need to be reserved for the holidays. Sure, they can be. But the truth is that any day can be a holiday. In fact, every day is a great day to show people you love and care about how much you value them.

Whether it’s the perfect surprise flower bouquet or a handmade gift, random acts of kindness out of nowhere could do a lot to make your loved ones feel special throughout the year. If you are the type of person who likes to make people smile just because, then these gift ideas are for you.

Say it with flowers.

A classic way to say “I love you” is a fresh bouquet of flowers any time of the year to show your token of appreciation and gratitude. It doesn’t have to be Cupid’s day in order to send a Valentine’s flower delivery to someone. Flowers can bring a smile to your mom’s face, or your sister’s! So, let them know you appreciate the favor they did for you with a beautiful bouquet. Or use them to welcome a neighbor to the street. Even more, you don’t have to spend a lot. Flowers are something you can even do for yourself.

Do you like to walk? Is there a meadow at the top of your favorite hiking hill where wildflowers grow? If so, plan on returning from your next hike with a handful of wildflowers for the special person you love. You can tuck them in your water bottle on the way down and hand them off tied at the stem with a bow or in any kind of vase or canister. The reaction you’ll get will be worth it.

Not into the outdoors? You can make flowers too. From fabrics, tissue paper, and even newsprint or old books. A quick search on Pinterest or your favorite crafting sites will give you ideas galore. Dry flowers and even plastic flower arrangements assembled from affordable finds at your local dollar store could work too.

Whatever you do, don’t worry about being perfect. A gift like this is about the sentiment. Whether you opt for two dozen long-stemmed professionally arranged roses or get a little more creative, your surprise gift will be appreciated any time of year the whole year through.

Surprise them with an upgrade.


Does your partner love to cook? Are they often in the kitchen? Have you heard them time and time again grumbling about old counters or a lack of space to work in? You could wait until you know your partner will be gone to upgrade your kitchen countertops or rearrange this vital room.

Maybe your wife or girlfriend’s going away for the weekend with the girls to celebrate her sister’s new baby. This sort of trip is the perfect time to surprise her with something created by you. Imagine the look on her face when she opened the front door and saw what you’d been up to?

If you aren’t handy and don’t want the hassle of hiring contractors or just don’t have the money for a big renovation, there are other gifts like this that might work too. What about taking the shelves from your guest room and creating a special space in the bedroom for your husband or boyfriend’s favorite collection? Repurposing something as simple as a bookshelf could go a long way if you took the time to put thought into the things he cares about too.

Other ideas might include surprising your parent by coming home to clean out the garage, fixing those rusty gutters, or even just to take them out to lunch. Often, with adult children gone and out of the house, older parents struggle with the daily routine maintenance of a house. What a gift it could be to offer your services and company to help them get things done without having to pay someone.

Show him your love for no reason at all.


Maybe you made a quota or got a raise or a bonus. Instead of heading to that boutique you love, consider using the money to show the man you love how much you care instead. You can search for the best holiday gifts for boyfriends any time of year. But you don’t have to stop there. When considering what you might surprise him with, think about his interests.

What are his hobbies? Does he love going to the gym? Running? What about a new pair of trainers? Show him how much you love and support him by thinking about the things he enjoys. You can’t go wrong with this and the giving might feel better than the getting ever did.

Think about his goals and career. Is he in law school? Is he a banker? Does he dream of selling paintings in art museums? A briefcase, a new calculator, or those massive canvas are all great ideas. Helping him reach his dreams and goals is a gift that will continue to give.

Celebrate the little things.


Whether it’s a parent, your partner, your sibling, or even a kid; celebrating the smaller and everyday moments are what creates memories. While the holidays are great for large events and getting everyone together, it’s those one-on-one times we spend with the people we’re closest with that seal the bonds of our relationships.

Head to the liquor store and plan a special evening. Something as simple as a home-cooked meal with your loved one’s favorite dish is an easy, everyday kind of gift. Whether baking a batch of unicorn cupcakes for your daughter just because she’s been stressed out about a test or putting together a gift basket for a relative who’s been sick, you can change a person’s mood with a simple gesture of appreciation and a little thought.

But don’t stop at the people you love. Some of the most special gifts can come out of nowhere from complete strangers. From leaving kindness rocks around for others to collect to paying someone’s fast food line bill or toll, you can help spread positivity into the world on an ordinary Tuesday. Try it. Pick up the coffee tab for the person behind you in line. Give your waitress a gift certificate to the local grocery store. No matter how big or small, gifts can be given all year long and it’s those surprise gifts that will make the biggest difference.