Apartments have become hot commodities in cities and towns. For many people on the hunt for the perfect accommodation, safety, and security are the primary concerns. Property managers have a big task to ensure that their buildings are comfortable and safe enough to be inhabited by tenants. This may not be as simple as it looks or sounds. You see, there’s a whole array of things property managers have to look out for so they can provide the best housing experiences for their tenants. Here are a few tips that can help property managers improve security.

1. Replacing Unstable Doors


As a building manager, you need to ensure that the doors and frames are as high quality as they come. Whether wood doors, metal doors, or glass doors, they should always look presentable, stylish, and sturdy—for both aesthetics and security reasons.

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2. Installing a Reliable Buzzer System

Buzzers are intercom systems made for apartments that improve security in places that don’t have doormen. Altogether, the setup is convenient and straightforward. Thankfully, there are a variety of reliable buzzer systems on the market, so any landlord will be able to find the appropriate apartment buzzer system for a specific apartment building. For quality and innovative buzzer systems, it might help to browse through sites like ButterflyMX.

They have various high-quality intercom systems and a buzzer for every front door. You’ll find that ButterflyMX also offers a front desk intercom and a smart video intercom with an application that runs alongside. Installing the application on your cell phone and linking it to your intercom is the first step, then you can get the access codes.

Once the app is set up, you can then monitor your apartment building from a distance. You can also offer access to the building with just the click of a button on your phone. It’s equally easy to manage access for delivery agents and service providers. All in all, ButterflyMX’s intercom systems make life more comfortable, safe, and secure.

3. Regularly Servicing and Maintaining Appliances


Most apartment complexes have common electrical appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, TVs, and vending machines. It’s important that, as a landlord, you ensure that you service them regularly to prevent breakdowns. Practicing a preventive maintenance culture is better and cheaper than trying to fix a broken appliance. Also, note that faulty electrical appliances can pose potential threats and cause accidents. So be sure to work on them regularly.

4. Use Deadbolt Locks

To keep your tenants safe and prevent crime, it’s essential to use deadbolt locks on all doors, from entryways to back doors. Landlords are gradually moving from using regular waves to installing deadbolts as these appear more effective and robust. They also function a lot better.

5. Fixing Cameras In and Around the Building

You only have two eyes. Based on that, it’s impossible to see everything all at once. Home security systems are fast taking over from the neighborhood watch. With that in mind, you should install functional security cameras to capture any incriminating images. For example, let’s say people are loitering around the apartment, it’ll be easier to catch the culprits. Make sure you keep an eye on the cameras to know what’s going on around your property.