Excelitas Pyroelectric IR detectors and sensors are, in the opinion of several, the best detectors and sensors in the industry. Defined as the cutting-edge of motion detection technology, the company’s pyroelectric IR detectors are the detectors-of-choice for many. Excelitas offers a long list of pyroelectric sensors. Listed below are some.

Single-Element Pyrodetectors

Single-element pyroelectric detectors are usually used in one-channel or dual-channel variants, which is afterward one output per element. In these channels, the sensors are often used for gas and temperature measuring applications. It’s worth noting that single-element variants are offered as thermally compensated devices. It’s also worth noting that the gas monitor application principle, NDIR, usually requires detectors with extremely narrow-band optical filters. Not so many companies produce such sensors. At Excelitas, however, that’s not the case.

Some of the notable products found under this category include:

  • PYS 3928 Digital Dual-Channel Pyrodetector
  • PYS 3428 Dual-Channel Pyrodetector
  • PYS 3198 Single-Channel Pyrodetector

 Four-Element Pyrodetectors

Unlike single-element pyrodetectors, one can generally configure four-element pyrodetectors in various geometrical forms. Today, the most preferred configuration is the “Quad.” Excelitas provides topnotch Quad designs in single- and dual-channel outputs, which can work with analog outputs. They can also work with the optimized function and streamlined integration of their DigiPyro product line with digital output.

The products found here include:

  • PYQ 2498 Dual-Output Quad Pyro
  • PYQ 1398, PYQ 1348 Single-Output Quad Pyros

Dual-Element Pyrodetectors

For years, Excelitas Dual-Element lines of Pyrodetectors have been considered the best in motion detection by many. Designed by brilliant professionals, Excelitas Dual-Element Pyrodetctors features two sensing elements connected in reverse polarity.

There are several Excelitas Dual-Element Pyrodetectors. They include:

  • PYD 2792 Dual-Element SMD DigiPyro
  • PYD 1588, PYD 1598 Low-Power DigiPyros
  • PYD 5731 Miniature Dual-Element DigiPyro
  • PYD 1794 Dual-Element low profile DigiPyro
  • PYD 1788, PYD 1798 Dual-Element DigiPyros
  • PYD 1384, PYD 1394 Dual-Element Pyros
  • PYD 1388, PYD 1398 Dual-Element Pyros
  • PYD 1378 Low-Cost Dual-Element Pyro


Excelitas Pyrodetectors have time and again proven to be topnotch. Some of their applications include:

  • Mid-distance and Long-distance motion detection
  • Energy saving in industrial buildings and smart homes
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Wall mounting applications
  • Ceiling Mounting Applications

Why Excelitas Pyroelectric Detectors and Sensors Are Elite

Several companies manufacture pyroelectric sensors and detectors. However, Excelitas Pyroelectric detectors and sensors are the most sought-after. Here are some of the reasons why.


Excelitas is full of brilliant professionals. Using their knowledge and experience, the professionals have continually been coming up with innovative pyroelectric products. The more innovative a pyroelectric sensor is the higher its performance. Given that all of Excelitas Pyroelectric detectors and sensors are highly-innovative, it comes as no surprise that they normally perform pretty well.


Excelitas Pyroelectric detectors and sensors have been the sensors and detectors-of-choice for many as they’re quite dependable. As such, if you’re searching for a reliable pyroelectric detector/sensor, worry not as Excelitas has got you covered.

To learn more about Excelitas Pyroelectric sensors and detectors, feel free to give the company’s front desk a call.