Before and during the divorce process, every parent is offered similar legal rights for the custody of the child. The mother and father of the child would have a legal standing until one of the parents gives up the legal right or has been denied full custody rights. It may sound complicated if you were unaware of the child custody laws of your state. If you have not signed the custody agreement or the judge did not make any custody ruling, every parent would have the same rights when it comes to with whom the child would reside and anything that relates to the child. An Aurora fathers’ rights attorney should have a clear knowledge of fathers’ rights in Colorado.

Not all custodial rights of the child go in favor of the mother. However, unless the father of the child gives up the custody of the child to the mother, he would reserve the right to have full custody of the child. Unless the father goes to the court and fights for his child custody rights, he would not be aware if there were true gender bias in the court system. For a father wishing to have equal parenting with your child, you may be doing great injustice to yourself if you give up without a fight. To enhance your chances, you should consider hiring a lawyer having a firm belief in your care instead of the one having lost hope in your custody rights. 

Your fathers’ rights lawyer would help you meet the specific requirements in the best possible way. He would ensure that you get the deserved child custody or visitation rights. The divorce lawyer should work in your best interest rather than considering your child custody rights a lost cause. He should be prudent to handle your child custody rights rather than considering the right of the mother deemed more than a father.