The ideal time to start preparing for NEET 2020 is from class 11 onwards. It serves as the base enabling NEET aspirants to cover the advanced concepts of class 12 biology syllabus for NEET 2020 in a much more efficient way. This article assists students to start preparing for NEET from class 11 itself.

NEET UG Exam Preparation From Class 11

Listed below are a few tips helping you prepare early on from class 11:

  1. Document NEET syllabus

First things first. Start with taking a print out of the biology syllabus for NEET 2020. It contains chapters from both class 11 & 12. Some units covered in class 11 are NEET UG Biology Diversity In Living World, Structural Organisation In Plants And Animals, Cell: Structure And Functions, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology. Learn step by step, it can be easily covered, there is time as you are starting out ahead, which is a huge plus point.

  1. Research the most important books and study material required, NCERT being the main source of information – If you have taken up coaching, the study material provided by them is sufficient as it contains questions along with the explanation as per NEET standards. NCERT must be read line by line, in addition you may refer to related books.

  1. Schedule a time table as per your convenience

Document a study timetable as per schedule, the time you are most active during, least active etc must be prioritized while doing so. Mornings are usually the best time to focus on troublesome areas, weaker sections. Soon, you will discover what works for you and what doesn’t. Feel free to make changes accordingly. But once set, stick to it all through.

  1. Start preparing your own notes

Importance of framing own notes for NEET has not been stressed enough. Notes in one’s own handwriting help one to easily read through and understand. Make concise notes of chapters from class 11 onwards as this activity takes time, but once done, it is going to be your go-to resource up until the NEET exam.

  1. Develop a habit of understanding concepts and focus on clearing doubts

Class 11 is the best time to have a clarity on concepts and hence build a concrete foundation of other topics to be interlinked from class 11 syllabus and hence to be able to build a stronger foundation for advanced topics to be learnt in class 12. Seek assistance from experts/seniors/teachers or even online to get your doubts cleared.

  1. Stay consistent with your routine

Discipline and consistency are of utmost importance when preparing for NEET. Develop and inculcate both these values from class 11 onwards. Consistency is key in achieving your goal. Take up coaching classes if possible from class 11 itself. It helps build a strong foothold. With coachings, students are guided with the right strategy and techniques for effective NEET preparation.

  1. Practice and revise regularly

Concepts are forgotten if not interlinked and revisited. Hence periodically revisiting them is a must, everyday, weekly and monthly. Revise the highlighted points before ending your day. Ensure you complete your daily tasks such as to finish your mock test for the day or solving one NEET paper every day and so on.

  1. Take up mock tests and analyze your performance

The whole point of taking up mock tests is to analyze how you have performed at the test, realise mistakes, work on weaker areas and master your strengths further. In addition, mock tests are a great tool to increase efficiency with time management and enhance your accuracy and speed levels.

These were a few to-do things while starting to prepare for NEET UG exams from class 11 onwards. For more such useful information subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.