There are three things that complete a house décor, and the first one is furniture, the painting on the wall and lastly the accessories used to accentuate the outlook of the home. And one of the most commonly used accessories are the canvas prints, that come in all manner of color, designs and shape. With the above in mind every home cannot miss one that will blend with its décor and fit its layout or shape and size of the house.

Canvas prints are not restricted to painted or drawn images but you can also have words printed on them, scriptures from the Bible, famous quotes, and even the images of your loved ones. There is a plethora of things that you can have printed on canvas to either communicate a message to your guests or to elude a homely warm feeling, it’s all up to you.

Even more interesting is that those individuals who are skilled in painting do their best works on canvas while the professionals use linen.

So why invest in canvas prints?

Well the most common reason to invest in a canvas print is to cover the empty wall that dominates most homes, a canvas print whether made of family photos or a painting by some artist, tends to add life to the living room or the wall at the end of the corridor. They attract attention and make the house feel warm and snug.

Eco-Friendly- most durable canvas materials or portraits are made of eco-friendly inks and the Canvas frames that are used to hold the fabric tightly on the back are made of durable wood material, which also makes them easy to put up or remove from the wall for either cleaning or to change its position.

Durable- canvas prints are a heir loom in many homes, as most people carry such pieces because of their sentimental value and to continue connecting with their past, their roots or their favorite family members. And that is the reason why the prints are made on canvas because they are simply durable and can be passed on from generation to generation without necessarily getting worn out or fade.

Style versatility – unlike furniture canvas will blend with almost any type of décor, be it bright colored, dull or warm. When put up in a home they tend to act like the missing piece of a puzzle, first by naturally fitting in and second by completing the overall look. Even better is that you could combine photos with words or photos with flowers in one canvas application, thus there is no limit on how creative you can get when using canvas.

And still on style and versatility, you are free to play around with the colors, if you cannot make a canvas print for the family just purchase one with every member’s favorite color.

Comes in many sizes- unlike portrait photos, canvas prints don’t have to be lonely in a secluded corner of your home, you can get any size that they want with regard to positioning and at a budget friendly price. So how do you want your canvas print, as one supersized 30 x 60 print or as several smaller prints?