Most people remember trying to hide from storms at some point in our life. When people are young they typically feel as if they can hide from bad weather by heading under the bed or into a closet. As one grows up that’s usually looked back on with amusement. But one should take a moment to consider how animals react to a storm. They too will head to similar areas. The more one thinks about it the more it might seem possible that there’s an aspect of instinct to it. An instinct one possesses as a child. And an instinct that the family pet has hold of. But also an instinct which people lose touch with as they age.

Is there any truth to the idea that one can hide from storms or even tornados? In fact, that actually is the case. It’s important to begin by stressing that a below-ground shelter is an ideal. Unfortunately, it’s just not a viable option for a rather large segment of the at-risk population. Much like the family pets or one’s own childhood self, it’s instead a matter of trying to find the safest place in a home.

However, this isn’t as difficult a prospect as one might imagine. There’s one important point to stress though. A bed isn’t a very good place to ride out the storm. Likewise, standing under a door frame isn’t nearly as effective as one might wish. Bathrooms are a little safer than other places in one’s home. But bathrooms still have a number of disadvantages. The biggest is that many still have windows. And windows are the means by which storms can most easily enter into a home. It doesn’t take much to destroy the structural integrity of a window. And once that happens a room isn’t much safer than the outdoors. Additionally, bathrooms have mirrors. And one should consider just how dangerous shards from a broken mirror can be.

The safest room might come as a shock to most people. But it’s actually a centrally located closet within one’s home. This can serve as the start of a very effective storm shelter. Any closet storm shelter Texas will offer a lot of advantages. But there’s good reason to try to find one located centrally in a home.

A heavy storm can have winds as fast as 60 mph. It’s not that uncommon for objects moving at that rate to burst through windows or even walls. When winds ramp up to the level of a tornado than even one’s own car can come smashing through a wall. Even if the object itself doesn’t impact the closet it’ll still destroy the integrity of the room. One should try to have as many barriers in place as possible against the storm. Basically, one should try to have as many doors and walls between the outdoors and the closet as possible.

Next, it’s important to stock the closet with supplies. Of course one should also remove clothing and bars from the closet. Clothing can provide a buffer in a worst-case scenario. But the buffer won’t stand up to much. And one will have to deal with the bar and hangers after that point. It’s generally not worth the risk to have clothing in a closet used as a storm shelter. Learning more about installing a storm shelter locally is always a great idea. Local advice is always a great idea, consult for a local quote for a  closet storm shelter Texas.  

One should instead fill the shelter as sparsely as possible. But at the same time, those sparse items should consist of light essentials. A good water filter is ideal in case the house suffers structural damage and one is stuck indoors for a while. And a crank radio can keep one informed of how well the storm is progressing. If all of this is kept in mind than one can indeed hide from a storm. And as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.