90/10 cupronickel, or as referred to as 90 10 Cu Ni, chemically consists of approx. 90% copper with an addition of about 10% nickel in its alloy as primary alloyants. Apart from these two elements forming the majority in the alloy of 90/10 copper nickel pipe, the alloy also contains a trace content but important additions of iron and manganese. Both iron and manganese have been added to 90/10 copper nickel in order to enhance the alloys overall tensile strength along with corrosion resistance properties. These properties, combined with high ductility and toughness exhibited by the copper nickel pipe makes the metal a popular grade for applications in industries such as marine, architectural and other key industrial applications.

 Grade 90/10 copper nickel not only offers designers and specifiers with properties such as high tensile strength, ductility etc, but also excellent resistance to stress related corrosion, erosion , as well as biofouling in both seawater and brackish water. Additionally 90/10 copper nickel tubing offers excellent fabrication and welding properties, along with a high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. The alloy can retain its mechanical properties down to cryogenic temperature settings. Click here to learn more about the best price offered by our company for the 90/10 copper nickel pipe.