There’s nothing quite like the challenge of planning and hosting a major corporate party or event – it is something that can be daunting, especially if a lot relies on making your party or event a success. Whatever your reasons for hosting a party or event – whether it’s for making your employees happy, proving to your customers that you have the best products or services, offering the right PR for a service, beating your competition, or showcasing a shift or change in your company culture – you need to plan your event so you can get the maximum benefits from it. But hosting and planning an event takes a lot of time and resources, and this is something that no one can afford to waste. So are you throwing a corporate party or event? Here’s how you can make it a real success.

Hire a planner

One of the best things you can do is to hire a planner – one with the right experience, such as the party planners in Oxfordshire from Oasis Events. Having the presence and advice of a professional event planner can make a huge difference in how you can organise your event and bring your vision to life. You need a planner’s help when it comes to juggling a whole array of tasks and responsibilities, from logistical strategies and details to coming up with the best entertainment and themes. If a lot hinges on your corporate party or event, you should hire a planner to help you iron out every detail, big and small.

Choose the proper venue

Selecting a venue is one of the hardest tasks when planning any event, but even more so with a corporate party. This is because while you can easily change everything else – the food and beverages, the entertainment, the theme, the décor – it is a lot harder to change the venue once you have found one and confirmed the reservation. The first challenge in regard to the venue is the size of the space – if it is too large, your attendees will look lost in the space and your event will look like a complete failure. If there isn’t enough space, your event can feel claustrophobic and cramped. If your venue is not easily accessible or too far from public transport, many guests or attendees may well end up not going. Here’s another thing: when choosing the venue, consider the time allotted for setting up as well. Venues that have back to back events may not give you the time you need to set up, so think about this, too.

Make it unique with that special ‘wow’ factor

Most of us have been to an event or two which was lacklustre or boring. You don’t want your event to end up like this, especially since we all have a good memory for which events held up to our expectations – or not. You want to exceed your guests’ expectations, so try not to repeat something you already did in the past.

It also pays to have that special ‘wow’ factor. For instance, you can opt for a surprise speaker, leaving guests awed and thunderstruck, or you can bring in a surprise entertainer or performer. Another option would be to bring in stunts or take advantage of high-tech entertainment such as 3D holograms that can definitely make your guests ooh and ahh with delight.

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